Monday, December 3, 2007

Open When Alone...

The Monday Mission today, hosted by Painted Maypole, is to write a post in the style of a high school note. I feel this is a topic I have much knowledge about as I would usually write about 4 or 5 notes a day in high school. Granted, it has been a while, but I have a good memory. Approximately 95% of my notes were to my best friend, Sarah, so this one is for her.
Please picture the following delivered in a small folded triangle of notebook paper with the messy fringies still attached.

 Hey chica lady!

What up, fool? Not too much here. Just wiping noses, and wiping butts. The usual.

How are you? What's happening on the labor front? Four centimeters already. I'm impressed! You are almost halfway there! Weehoo!!! Keep it up chica! Think open thoughts. ;)

Guess what song I heard on the way to taking Joey to school today. Nope. Guess again. Nope. Guess again. JK. I heard Stronger by Kanye West. Ohhhh. Soooo good. Me likey. I was totally rockin' out. I probably looked like a complete spaz in my minivan jammin' to Kanye, but I don't care. I tell ya, some day I'm gonna embarrass the poo out of my boys with my car-dancing skills. hehe

Did I tell you Heidi stopped by over Thanksgiving with her new little babes? So cute! She looked so good, and she seemed so content and at ease. She seems very happy. It was good to see her again. It had been a long time. Oh, and I finally got to meet her hubby. V cute.

We had such a busy weekend. I cleaned the house, put up all the decorations inside, got Joey off to his first playdate, took the boys to Festival of the Trees, and when they napped I went out in the snow storm and put our Christmas lights on the trees outside. I know, good timing, right? Our neighbor came outside and looked at me like I was nuts. It was kinda funny. The wind was blowing so hard I thought it was gonna knock me off the ladder, for sure.

Where was Todd during all of this, you ask? Well, he was following my orders. We needed more lights, so like a good little soldier he ran out (in the blizzardy snowstorm) and got some more. By the time he came back I was so in a groove that I pretty much wouldn't let him touch anything. He was totally my bi-otch. hehe Don't tell him that though. jk I was pretty frozen by the time I was done. It was really cold and really windy outside. Brrrr. It was all worth it when the boys got up and kept jumping up and down saying, "Thank you so much for putting up our beautiful decorations, mumma! I so 'cited! I lub our decorations, mumma!" It was pretty cute. After that we watched a ton of Christmas movies this , and spent the rest of the weekend shoveling our tushies off. Like I said, busy weekend. It was nice.

Oh! I forgot to say. I finally got an appointment with Keisha at the salon. Soooo good. I soooo need to do something with my hair. I really don't like it short anymore. I have to grow it out. But I need a new style in the meantime. What do you think? Any suggestions?

How are you doing without any new episodes of The Office? It is driving me nuts! Settle the strike already!

You should see the monster zit I have next to my nose. Freaking great! What am I, like, 14 years old again? Hello?? Sheesh. So embarrassing. Perfect timing too, cuz move it over a little bit, and I'm flipping Rudolph. It is SO not fair that I am using Clearasil and Oil of Olay wrinkly reducer at the same time. WTF??

Hey, I need to go shopping. I sooo have nothing to wear to Todd's Christmas party, and I don't want all his co-workers to think I'm Ms. Frumpy-pants stay-at-home mommy.

Ok. I'd better run. I'll write more later.

p.s. Did you see Matt Damon got sexiest man alive? About damn time, right? So good. Little hottie.
p.p.s Call me the MINUTE you go into labor!!!!


Maddy said...

I don't think I'm up for the challenge myself [too short of time] Hope you find just the right dress.

Please try my duplicate "loads like a dream" blog over "here."

Chrissy said...

Sooooo cute. Who knew one could retain those awesome high school writing skills? I think I started every note with "What's Up(arrow)? Not much here...." etc etc.

Great job!

Brittany said...

That was like totally awesome. ;)

I want to try to do that sometime. haha.

Family Adventure said...

Dudette...that was, like, totally cool.


the dragonfly said...

This mission was very fun. It also reminded me how glad I am to be past high school. :)

painted maypole said...

I love the HS voice witht he mommy stories. perfect.

thanks for playing along!

Homegrown Tribe said...

Ha! That was great! I wrote a few too many notes in highschool too... probably 50% to my husband... then boyfriend. We still have them and looked through them not that long ago... boy I wrote a lot about drama & nothing. what was I thinking! :)

Anyway, Very cool post!


Kellan said...

So cute - this high school letter - we never really lose those memories, do we. See ya - call me the minute you read this!

Julie Pippert said...

LOL...great job!

Using My Words

Rima said...

I agree - having to use Clearasil and Oil of Olay wrinkle reducer at the same time is a travesty! Like, totally!

Unknown said...

I LOVE that idea, K!! Priceless. And, you sure know remember hs well, I'd say!

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