Sunday, October 28, 2007

All about me

I have been tagged by Painted Maypole for the "7 random things" meme. Yeah! This is my first tag, and I feel honored that it was she who tagged me. Thank you!
Ok, here it goes:

1- I love vegetables, but I can't eat any of them cooked. It must be a texture thing, I just can't stomach them. Fresh, forget about it. I'm all over it. Love fresh peas! Asparagus! Mmmm. Carrots, red peppers, you name it. Love 'em! Cook them up for me, and I'm puking. Which is actually ok because they loose some of their vitamins if you cook them, right? Right?

2- In my early 20's I was in 4 or 5 musicals/plays a year in one of the theater companies in the area. It was a great passion of mine. I love singing, dancing, and acting, although my acting is not as good as my singing and dancing. That is probably why I always got the romantic lead, not the more difficult roles. I always wanted to play the prostitute, the bad girl, the antagonist, but no. Ah well. My dream role would be Fantine in Les Mis. Ohhhh. Anyway, even though I was constantly on stage, my husband has never seen me in a show. I did all of that before I met him. He has seen me sing on stage, but not in a play or musical. I am vowing that someday when I have more free time (or any) I'll be in another show.

3- Our little bathroom remodel project is STILL going on after 5 weeks. That is all I'm going to say about that.

4- I love little baby bodies. From the tiny dimples on their hands and elbows, the nape of their neck so soft and kissable, to little round tummies. Love 'em. My favorite part? The teeny, tiny toes on the ittle, wittle feet. And not just any feet. Stinky little piggy feet. How can a baby have such stinky, sour pigs? It isn't as if they just got back from a long run, or working out at the gym. Why such stinkies? I don't care. I love 'em. Wanna bite the sassy little stinky feet.

5- I have never understood people who want to be famous. Being famous has never appealed to me. I would hate to be followed, stalked, and have my every move watched. I love my anonymity. Plus, having lots of money would make me nervous. I would never feel as if I was giving enough. I couldn't live in a huge mansion when I know there are children who don't even have a meal to eat. I struggle with that now, and I am FAR from rich.

6- When I was very little and someone would ask what I wanted to be when I got older I would always say, "I want to be a mom". I am so lucky. :)

7- I am really not that interesting. This meme has taken for FOREVER!

The first seven people who comment can consider themselves tagged. No pressure. If you want to do it great, if not that is fine too. I know almost everyone has already done this at least once.
I've decided to try my hand at the Monday Mission that The Flying Mum has posted. I am a Superstar and this is what the tabloids are saying about me:

Surely this will be the last time the Academy recognizes Kathryn for her work as it is her third straight Oscar win and she has yet to attend the award show. Kathryn was noticeably absent from last night's show just as she said she would be. The star released a statement a week before the show saying, "While I appreciate being nominated by the Academy I am choosing to stay home from the ceremony to spend time with my family. It is nice to be recognized, but in truth, I feel ridiculous receiving an award for getting to play 'make believe' for a living. Awards should be given out to people who are searching for ways to cure cancer, to single moms working to support their families, to people who stand for 10 hours in a row while working factory jobs, to parents who take care of children with disabilities or terminal illnesses and for spouses who lovingly take care of their soul mates who have Alzheimer's. Again, thank you for noticing my work, but really it is not necessary. Oh, and I'll still take the goody bag. Thank you."


Kellan said...

I was also in plays in my youth - and loved it - but I was never any good. I love to see a good play and have some friends who's children are in plays. You are too interesting! The veggie thing is very odd! I have already been tagged for this meme (twice) and haven't done it yet - but I will soon. Have a good day. See ya.

Family Adventure said...

I really loved your Superstar blurb. Your sentiment is great, but the last line was the killer. Too funny!

Heidi :)

Glass Half Full said...

Ok, I like veggies. We are both weird! :)

I was a musical buff in high school too.

My favorite part of a baby's body is their feet. SO DELICIOUS!!!


theflyingmum said...

Yay! You ARE a superstar - excellent post!

Mommy's Cherish said...

You are my kind of gal! Thanks for sharing a little about you.


Beck said...

I love veggies raw OR cooked. Some cooked vegetables - peas, for example - become transcendentally comforting when cooked. That's okay, though - I'll eat your share.

I want to be the RIGHT kind of famous, like the kind of famous a well-established writer gets. It's not going to happen but it would be SWELL.

painted maypole said...

your oscar speech is way better than mine. ;)

a fellow thespian! Hoorah! and I'm with you on the famous thing.

thanks for playing along.

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