Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Just a few days ago our yard was covered in at least a foot and a half of snow. Large piles lined the street where the plows had gone through and deposited more snow. The playground at school had a massive pile of snow that the kids rolled down, dug through, and played "king of the hill" on.

As I look outside this morning there are almost no traces of snow left. A small pile hangs on in the shady spot beneath our trees. A little more at the edge of our fence. A tiny little pile rests at the end of the driveway where the plows had gone through.

Thanks to the lovely early spring temperatures we've had the snow is all but gone.

This fabulous early spring breathes new life into all of us and gives us the energy we were lacking.

I hitched up Molly and together we took our first run in many, many months. I fear we are both sorely (pun intended) out of shape but we make it through regardless.

I quickly shower and pick Grace up from school. Sadly, I can already feel my muscles tightening up. I may be even more out of shape than I feared.

When Grace is done with her lunch we sit out on the back patio step in the sunshine. The sun is so warm in our protected little nook that it could almost pass for early summer. We lie down on the step and soak in the warmth. It is a good thing that Grace gets antsy because I could have fallen asleep and stayed there all day. Sunshine, blessed sunshine.

Before I know it the boys are done with school for the day. They rush off of the bus and into the house to get through their homework as quickly as possible so they can hurry back outside. Basketball and bicycles are resurrected and the kids stay outside so long that they need to be called in for dinner.

We sit at the dinner table and we don't even need to turn on the lights as sunshine still pours in through our windows. The longer days and warmer weather lifts our moods even though we lost a precious hour of sleep.

Just before seven o'clock Joey, Tommy, and I leave for play rehearsal. It is still  light outside as we enter the school. The rehearsals are long and jammed with notes and music and choreography. We get home around 9:30, way later than the boys' normal bedtime. I get them off to bed as quickly and quietly as I can and try to relax for a little while before I drag my exhausted body off to bed as well.

It is dark when we wake in the morning. My body is protesting the previous day's exercise by making it difficult for me to get out of bed. Or walk down the stairs. Or breathe. I wonder if Molly is equally as sore. The boys crankily drag themselves out of bed, still exhausted from their late night. It is about now that we could really use that extra hour of sleep that we lost earlier in the week.

Still, the temperature already reads 43 degrees and the boys mood is lifted slightly at the thought of wearing spring jackets today. Whatever gets them motivated, right?

Another gorgeous day awaits and we are excited to use it to our advantage. This is Wisconsin, after all. The weather can change on a dime. For all we know we could get another 6 inches of snow next week.

But for now, the sun is shining, the air is warm, and the possibilities are endless.


Tabor said...

Possibilities are endless...I like that!

Rima said...

"Blessed sunshine" is right! Amazing how 43 degrees can feel like summer after a brutal winter. (Though we still have TONS of snow on the ground here)

betty said...

Glad to hear it is warming up a bit for you guys and everyone is able to enjoy some outside activities!


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

You capture the joy of it perfectly!

Wisconsin Girl said...

What an amazing change in weather this has been! Great for lifting spirits:)

Elaine Alguire said...

Amazing how the weather can perk you up, right? It's been dreary and rainy here for DAYS. It's depressing me... we need some SUN!

Bijoux said...

It was a blessing for me to return from vacation to some more sun. However, we still have a ton of snow here. It might really stay till June!

Mimsie said...

Love this post! I do love winter and snow but this winter made us appreciate the first hints of spring. And yes, the sunshine!!

Hilary said...

I'm just a tad envious of your lovely weather and getting to enjoy the sunshine on your faces. Just a tad. But I'm not at all envious of your achy muscles. I hope Molly isn't feeling it too.

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