Saturday, March 28, 2015

Good Things

-Getting an email from Joey's math/science teacher telling me what a joy he is to have in her class. " Good Morning- I just wanted to let you know what a grateful and appreciative young man Joey is. He often expresses his appreciation out loud for being able to attend our school and says how happy he is to be here. Today on the way back from reconciliation he had the most remarkable things to say. What a joy it is to me to have him in my class!" Makes this mama want to cry.

-This post. It really made me laugh because I've been feeling the same way lately. "Who is this woman staring back at me from the mirror?"

-Which leads me to this video. It really hit me how damaging internal dialogue can be.

-The weather is definitely warming up. I am getting so excited!!!

-Spring break. No school. 'Nuff said.

-There are some super funny memes that just make me laugh my butt off. Here are a few:

Yep. This is me lately.

Been there, done that.

I really want to do this. 

This is my dog except she lies right on top of me and spreads out.

Yes. Exactly. 

I swear this is me and it's why my kids are good in stores and restaurants. 


I love this picture SO MUCH. That's the Jesus I know.

Perfectly stated and shown. 

Yeah, Wisconsin!

A cute one with Easter coming up.

This. Just This:

If you dunk the ball so hard that it goes in twice you should automatically win the game. Or at least get double the points. So good. Go, Badgers!!!!!

- Going to Kohl's in hope of finding a nice spring dress to wear for Easter and to Ben's 1st Communion coming up and finding so many great fitting, pretty, flattering outfits that I have a hard time choosing. Normally I go to the store, try on a dozen dresses, all the while cursing the latest "style" and cut of dress and leave the store feeling horrible and frustrated. I am LOVING the latest styles and they are all very flattering cuts. I must admit that I left the store with far more dresses than I had intended.  Oops.

-Also at the store I had a mini panic attack in the dressing room as I was trying to get a dress over my head (not realizing there was a zipper that needed to be unzipped in order to get it on) and I got stuck with my arms straight up over my head. The dress was stuck over my face, elbows, shoulders, and chest and I literally could not move my upper body. I started to panic because I didn't have a shopping buddy with me and I had no one to help, AND I was in a hurry to go pick Grace up from school. I couldn't breathe and I was just about to open the door and go screaming for help from the dressing room in my underwear, dress still affixed over my head and arms in the air, until I realized I wouldn't be able to bend enough to open the dressing room door. That probably turned out to be a good thing, don't ya think? I was seriously concerned I was going to pass out. Finally, I was able to force myself to calm down and somehow inched my head and shoulders out enough to move my arms a bit. I wish that would have been caught on camera. I can just imagine. It wasn't really funny at the time but now every time I think about it I get a good laugh. Good stuff.

-Lately the boys have been fighting over who gets to take Molly for a walk. I think it makes them feel grown up to take off on their own for a little while. Molly is such a good dog to walk and I am confident they are safe walking her in our neighborhood. It is a win/win for everyone. I think Ben enjoys it the most because he really feels like a big kid. He wants to walk her all the time.

So, tell me. What's on your "Good Things" list today?


Riahli said...

I love everything about this post! :)

betty said...

So many wonderful things you wrote about here! Glad the weather is getting warmer too for you all to enjoy spring break! You are raising great kids (I know I said that before in a comment, but its true :)

Enjoy spring break!


Bijoux said...

There is nothing better than trying clothes on and they actually fit AND look good! I've had good luck at Macys for dresses.

Happy Easter!

Tabor said...

Reading your blog is on my favorites right now. Glad to read that your kids fight over something as I was beginning to think they were not normal. Love all those graphics and have felt like most at times. Just back from a full week with the three grand kids getting up and walking to school, getting them home and cooking dinners that sort of kind of barely ate. But loving every busy frustrated moment.

Kat said...

Tabor- Oh trust me. My kids do their fair share of fighting. They go through phases for sure. Sometimes they fight like cats and dogs and sometimes they are best buds. But they do know that if they don't get their fighting in I will step in and then nobody wins. If they fight too much while playing LEGOS then I take the LEGOS away. If they fight too much playing basketball then they are done playing outside. If they fight over toys then I take the toys away. They know it is better to quickly fix the fight between themselves otherwise I put the kabosh on it.
But yes, they fight. ;)

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

Love this! The memes are hilarious!

And, I think we've all had a dress story like that! Or okay, maybe me.

We had a say something good in your life dinner event tonight because we've had some very ungrateful little girls!

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