Wednesday, January 28, 2015

WW- Sweet Reward

After all the trouble with the Science Fair project it all worked out in the end. Joey and his friend ended up taking home 3rd prize. Yahoo! Todd and I joked that it would be pretty freaking funny if I ran up on stage, knocking Joey and his friend out of the way, and claimed the ribbon for myself. HA! I'm just glad the project is done and Joey is pleased with his ribbon. Win/win!


betty said...

Congrats to Joey and friend! Always fun to help a little on their projects :)


Tabor said...

You are not a helicopter parent...just someone who sees a need.

Bijoux said...

Ok, I'm with you......that would be freakin hilarious!!!

Hilary said...

Ha.. sweet indeed. :)

Riahli said...

You should have done that, ha ha! I love his happy face, awesomeness!

Peruby said...

Please make sure somebody videos that if you ever do anything like that. :D

Green Girl in Wisconsin said... all of you:)

Wisconsin Girl said...

Haven't had to do one of those yet, but I know it's right around the corner. I just saw a picture in a Reader's Digest magazine of a picture board that one child made for his/her science project that was so funny. It had a column of time spent on the project, hours of parents yelling, hours of kids crying, family time lost due to time spent on the project, etc. It was quite humorous! Glad the project is behind you for this year and that a ribbon is in hand:)

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