Friday, January 9, 2015

Bee Buds

I never used to be a good speller. I was pretty awful, actually. I remember writing notes to my bff and she would correct all of my spelling mistakes and the notes would be covered in red ink when she wrote back to me. Spelling just never really made all that much sense. So many rules and each rule is broken often (so, why even have a rule?). 

As I've gotten older I have become a much better speller. I decided that memorization was the only way to go and I made a concerted effort to memorize words that always tripped me up before. Surprisingly, even with my hubby's big brain, I am the go to in the family if you have any questions about the spelling of a word. Even Todd will ask me how to spell a word, which is really funny when you think about it. Mister genius needs to ask his dyslexic wife how to spell a word. Ha! 

Anyway, it took a lot of work for me to be comfortable with spelling. 

My boys? Not so much. They are naturals. They always have been. They've always had weekly spelling tests at school and it was very rare if they did not get 100%. I would help them study by calling out the word and they could spell it, just like that. I always had to write the word down to spell it, but their young sharp minds can just spell the words out. 

Which brings us to this past week and the Spelling Bee at the boys' school. Both Joey and Tommy were representing their classes in the competition.

It was Tommy's first time in the Spelling Bee and he was so nervous. He really didn't want to get out in the first round. Joey tried to make him feel better and remind him that he already beat out the rest of his classmates to get on stage so he already did a great job. 

The boys both did well, lasting round after round. Tommy was so relieved not to be out in one round. Both boys got caught up on words they hadn't heard before, which is usually how it goes. I can't imagine having to stand up on stage and spell a word out. Sounds a bit nightmarish to me. I'd probably get the most basic word wrong simply because of nerves.  

I was proud of the boys and they were proud of themselves.
The best part, for me, was watching my boys together. They are such good friends. When they got up on stage they immediately sat next to each other, not their other friends. They were cracking each other up and trying to calm each other's nerves. Then the participants all had to draw cards to see what order they would sit in and, wouldn't you know it, Joey and Tommy got to sit next to each other again. Watching them high five each other and give pats on the backs time and again was just so heartwarming. Even a few teachers and parents mentioned it to me. Despite the occasional fights and spats at home my kids really like each other. They're buds. What more can a mother ask for?
Trying their best.
The Spelling Bee was only open to 3rd graders and up so Ben was not eligible this year but he was cheering his brothers on in the audience. However, Ben may be the best speller in the family. It makes me wonder if maybe next year, or the year after, all three boys will have a chance to sit on that stage together. The Three Spelling Musketeers.


Bijoux said...

There is nothing better than seeing your children be best buddies!!!!

I loved spelling bees and always won my classroom ones, but at our school's major bee (6th grade) I got out in the first round over a simple word....axle. I was SO mad!

betty said...

WTG to Joey and Tommy!!! It is neat that they are the best of buds! I am sure it will stay the same throughout their lives and what a great support system they will be to each other!!

I did well with spelling, but you are right, there are lots of rules that don't make sense and words that don't make sense on how they are spelled. I think sometimes it is a blessing to have spell check :)


Midlife Roadtripper said...

Sounds like a fun day watching them. My boys were pretty good friends, too -- till high school. Now, in their 20's, they are friends again.

Spelling - I can never spell vacumm, brocolli, or rythm. Or something like that.

Kat said...

I sure hope they stay close friends. All three of the boys. All four of my kids, for that matter. ;)

Roadtripper- I ALWAYS get tripped up on exercise. It took me years to memorize that one. ;)

Tabor said...

Who cares if they can spell, they are preciously cute and so nice!! Just joking as spelling is important. Interestingly I was an excellent speller and as I have aged (and hubby also) we have trouble spelling and often have to look the word up.

Cyndy @ Back in the Bush said...

That is awesome! I love that they boys are so close. I am fortunate that spelling comes very naturally to me.
I hope it does end up being all three of them next year!

Cyndy @ Back in the Bush said...

I'm laughing at myself because I made an error in that comment in which I said that spelling comes naturally to me =D I said THEY instead of THE. LOL!

Kat said...

Cyndy- Ha! You are so cute. I think that more of a typo kind of thing. ;)

NC Sue said...

I love the facial expressions - please share at

Hilary said...

Your pride is palpable and rightfully so. Your boys are wonderful kids. And bright. Yay all of you! :)

Wisconsin Girl said...

Funny...I have been noticing lately that my spelling is going downhill. I am attributing it to communicating with my little ones for so many years and not being forced to "maintain my intelligence." Is that bad or what?!?!? Wonderful to see your boys do so well and enjoy the challenge together!

Riahli said...

Awwww how sweet!

I also have always struggled with spelling and have always felt so embarrassed about it. I've come a long ways as an adult, especially in the last 10 years, but still have such a ways to go! Banden struggles like I do (I'm pretty sure he's slightly dyslexic, as I believe I am) and my heart goes out to him, but at the same time I'm really strict about it because I hope if he puts the work in now he won't have to struggle as long as I did. I recently switched to LA program that is for children struggling with dyslexia, which I hope will help. Ira on the other hand is a spelling genus!
It's always heart warming when brothers are the best of friends. :)

Elaine Alguire said...

It will be so cute to have them all three up there! I love how they support each other.

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