Monday, February 10, 2014

Birthday Bliss

What do you do for a birthday boy obsessed with tornadoes?  Well, you drive yourself crazy trying to find books, clothing, and toys (???) associated with tornadoes. You also spend two hours attempting to make a tornado out of brown tulle so that you can properly decorate his birthday cake. Well, I do, anyway.  Because I'm crazy.

For the past few weeks I've been wracking my brain trying to figure out how to make a tornado cake. A tornado made out of frosting just wouldn't do. I wanted an actual 3D version of a tornado and preferably something Ben could "play with" once the cake was gone. This boy has been asking for a "tornado stuffed animal" for the past 3 years and I've yet to figure out just how to make one with my zero sewing skills. Also, when you ask other seamstresses if they could make you a tornado stuffed animal they tend to think you are crazy.

When I saw brown tulle at the store last week I thought I had a brilliant idea.  However, tulle doesn't exactly hold it's shape.  It flops around quite a bit. This stupid tulle tornado gave me so much stinking trouble it nearly gave me a migraine. And the end product wasn't even that impressive.  I just crossed my fingers and hoped the birthday boy would be pleased with the results.
It worked.  He was pleased. Whew!

A little bit of the focus was off of Ben this weekend as Joey had a basketball tournament to play in. Ben was such a good sport waiting patiently for the birthday focus to be on him.

Once the tournament was over Ben did get to pick his favorite restaurant for dinner (and got to sit on the saddle while his birthday was announced to the patrons).  Both of the grandmas came to dinner with us and then it was back to our house for cake and more presents.
The next day we all went to see the new LEGO movie for Ben's special birthday activity. The kids really enjoyed the movie and Ben's birthday weekend was complete.  I'd say, overall, it was a success.

Ben, you dear, sweet boy. I can't believe my baby boy is 7 years old. You are all light and goodness and easy, breezey good-heartedness. You are energetic and loving and kind. How fitting that your favorite thing in the world is a tornado since we have called you "destructor" since the moment you could walk. Always moving, crazy and wild, a little clumsy, and still destructive, but never maliciously so. You are a protector and a helper, always concerned about other's feelings. It is hard to be the youngest brother but you fight to keep up and play with your older brothers and you definitely can compete.  Your determination and fight will serve you well in life and make you stronger. You are sweet and protective of your little sister and a very good friend to her. You are a mathematical and spelling genius and are becoming quite the reader.  A very smart boy. You try hard and want to be good.  And you are. My snuggly little Benny Bear. I love you more than you can fathom.
Happy 7th Birthday, my sweetheart!
My darling baby boy.  Where does the time go? Such a precious baby. Such a precious boy. Each day I love you more.


Tabor said...

Awww!! That is a terrific cake and you are wonderful for taking the time to do this! I am so happy it looked as cool as it did...not time to pin it on Pinterest!

Hilary said...

You did a great job. I see your sweet Ben challenges you much like my older boy did. (Try making a Halloween costume of "a tree in four seasons." :)

I looked for "tornadoes" around Etsy and found some cute t-shirts, posters, pendants and signs but no plus toys. There is a Tasmanian Devil in a tornado plush toy if that helps at all..

Kat said...

Hilary- You are too sweet for looking. That is so nice! I did see that Taz stuffed animal but been didn't like it. ;) He just wanted the tornado. He currently has three t-shirts, a pair of pjs, two tornado making toys from Discovery Kids, 6 books, one baseball hat, one very cool tornado pillow that Santa was a genius to find (or make the elves make), a few Tornado Chaser matchbox cars (which are really just trucks that I thought looked like they could be tornado chasers, and Ben agreed), 2 DVDs, and a Tornado Chaser notebook. Ben's teacher wanted each student to bring in something they collect for Open House night and Ben brought in all of his tornado stuff. Everyone thought it was just the coolest collection. He was very pleased. :)
I love the tree in four seasons! How creative!

Bijoux said...

Major props on the tornado cake!!! I remember my kids having some odd requests for cakes (gumball machine) but yeah, a tornado cake takes the cake!

His baby picture is sooooooooo cute! My son went to see the Lego movie with his college suite mates and they all LOVED it. Made me feel good that there's still some little boys in there.

Dawn said...

What a cool cake! Has Ben ever seen a tornado, live? Your Birthday boy is so sweet. I loved seeing the pictures, and am glad he had a good day. I took my son to see the Lego movie this weekend too. I was surprised at how much I liked it. :)

betty said...

Happy birthday Ben! What a cool looking tornado cake! It sounds like you had a great day! I hope the weather improves a bit so you can try out that new bike of yours!


Wisconsin Girl said...

Ah, what great moms will do to make their children happy:) Nothing seems to feel better than seeing them smile. Job well done! Sounds like it was a fun birthday!

Elaine Alguire said...

You are THE most awesome mom for making that cake - WOW! I love the look on his face in that photo! :D

Happy 7th to your "baby boy"! Mine will be 7 in May. It's goes so fast...

Verna Lantz said...

Oh, I think that tornado is very impressive. Very creative. As a mom of two very "boy" boys myself, I know it doesn't take a lot to impress them, just some effort, then they will tear it up anyway. Great job!!

Kat said...

Betty- The husband and I were commenting that when we gave Ben a bike for his birthday a few years ago he was able to go outside right away and try it out. Granted it was colder. Maybe 40-45 degrees, but at least he could go. This year it has been so cold that the kids aren't allowed to go out at recess! Yuck!

Elaine- I know! The look on his face in that pic is priceless. So glad I caught that. :)

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