Monday, June 3, 2013

Are We Done Yet?

By now you've all probably read the blog post heard 'round the world.  Otherwise known as Worst End of School Year Mom Ever.  To say I can relate to this post is a massive understatement.  I think many of us moms can relate to that post, and if not, I envy you (Also? Please keep your amazing awesomeness to yourself).  It may just be one of the most perfect blog posts I've ever read.  But maybe that is because I am the second worst end of school year mom ever.

Why just this morning, as we were all searching for Ben's overdue library books (after 20 minutes of searching, "Oh mom! I forgot. I already turned them in last week!") I realized we were going to be seriously late for school if we didn't get moving.  I yelled at politely asked everyone to get in the car as I got Grace into her jacket.  When I went to hand Grace her backpack I noticed papers inside of it.  I pulled the papers out (which I should have done last Thursday) and noticed that "Surprise!" Grace and her class were going to celebrate her summer birthday on Monday the 3rd and she would be the snack leader.  Yay!  Or shit poop darn it.

Just then Tommy comes running back in the house to tell me he forgot to brush his teeth.

"Let me smell your breath." I tell him.

Without questioning me he breathes in my face.  "Not bad.  Just don't breath on anyone today, okay?" I say hurrying him out the door.

"MOM!" Tommy pleads.

"Hon, we don't have time for this!  Let's go, let's go, let's go!" I scream say.

I successfully dropped the kids off at school, explained to Grace's teacher what a miserable failure I was and that I would quick run to the store and be back soon with an acceptable snack. By the time I got back to school, signed in at the office, handed in the snack, and was signing out of the office I remembered that I also forgot my donation towards our retiring parish priest's present.  I again explained my awfulness this time to the school secretary.  She laughed and asked me if I've read Worst End of School Year Mom Ever.  I told her that I did, and obviously, can relate.

It really doesn't ever end, people.  This end of the school year madness.  Seriously.  When will it end?  I still have to get gifts for each of my kids' teachers!  Gifts!  Like I have any creative juices left in me to get thoughtful gifts at this point.  Projects need to be finished and handed in.  Big tests have to be studied for. Class parties, and picnics, and field trips, and snack days!  Permission slips and sign up sheets and order forms and preregistration forms and progress reports!

I can't do it anymore.  I can't.  I feel like such a slacker, but I can't help it.  I'm just done.  Seven and a half more days.  I don't know if we're gonna make it.  Help me.


Elaine Alguire said...

Oh man, please don't be mad but my kids were done last Wednesday. I guess that makes me thankful that we started earlier than everyone else, it seemed anyway! You can do it! I was just there, I get it!

HANG ON!!! ;)

Tabor said...

You are one of the best moms ever! And if you want to coast for the next 7 days, remember it builds character in your children. They will be the one of doesn't have, wear, bring...'whatever' and they can learn to politely say they forgot and then get on with the day as the independent in the room.

Kat said...

Tabor- HA! You overestimate my self confidence (in life and in parenting) if you think I could let my kid be the only kid in class excluded from an activity or treat because of me. Yes, moms put too much pressure on ourselves, but I really don't see an alternative. ;)
But thanks for the vote of confidence. :)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

It's madness and that post is the truth!
I totally make my kids do the breath test, too! That made me laugh and feel less horrible about my kids always lying about brushing.
Best end of year gift ever? Gift card to Starbucks or a local restaurant. No muss, no fuss, everybody likes it and I'm not tapped other than in my wallet.

Kat said...

GG- I usually give the teachers a gift card to Target or something. I heard from a teacher friend of mine that they really appreciate being able to buy stuff for their classrooms without having to spend their own money. But I was looking for something a little more personal. However, with your endorsement, GIFT CARDS IT IS! :)

Charmaine said...

Hi Kat :) shame sounds prediction is that you will all survive and laugh about it know what they say...'when you reach the end of your rope...tie a knot and hang on' each and every mom who reads this can say ...been there done that! Stay Strong :)

Bijoux said...

I could totally relate to that blog post, but mostly because my final child was graduating from the school system and I basically blew off the whole school year! It gets old by the third kid!

Dawn said...

Ha! I'm right with you. ; ) Even as homeschoolers, we still have lots of end of year stuff going on- teachers to buy for, recitals, tests etc. We have less than two weeks left!

lime said...

just breathe. if it's any consolation a lot of teachers feel the same way.

Cyndy Bush said...

I had NOT read that post but I LOVE it! It is just so danged true. I think by this time everyone is OVER IT!

Riahli said...

Ack! Help idea, wish I could. :)

Riahli said...

Ack! Help idea, wish I could. :)

Karen Deborah said...

Aren't you glad time flies? Vacation is here soon and the back yard and just relaxing, sleeping in and cuddling your littles. Before I read this I was looking at your header and thinking about how many headers have been up there. Remembering when Ben was the cute little baby in the high chair and now Grace is a little girl and your boys are so big!
It's busy but wonderful. The only thing I'd add to your plate in a NEW BABY!!!! BWAHAHAHAHA
Just putting it in perspective...your the BEST you rawk wonder mom!!!! <3

Wisconsin Girl said...

Almost there! At least you aren't missing out on any fun summer activities due to this fabulous weather we've been having lately. My kids are dying to go swimming and we can barely get our jackets off let alone into a swim suit! A lot of the parents in my son's class went in on a gift card for his teacher...made it much easier for everyone. Hope you are hanging in there!

imbeingheldhostage said...

This was awesome! Not laughing at you, with you. I just love knowing that I'm not alone. Our school doesn't end until July 23ed, but as you know, we're pulling ours out early-RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF CHAOS. WHY do they schedule so many parties, field trips and major testing or projects at the end??? Why can't they do graduation stuff in the middle? And teacher gifts? It's Sunday morning and my kids have sports award presentations this evening. I have 2 managers and 3 coaches we haven't done cards/gifts/nada for in a world where other organized mums will shower them in worthwhile things. I get Worst Mom 3rd place.

Rima said...

Personally, I don't understand why school doesn't just end after Spring Break.

Wait, on second thought . . . no.

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A new day that you have never lived before.
Twenty-four new, fresh, unexplored hours to use usefully and profitably.
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Finish every day and be done with it.
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