Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Today is the big day.  

I think it is saying something that the majority of us are most excited just to have it over and done with.  That is sad.  Unfortunately, between the deceitful commercials, the crazy political rants on Facebook, the nonstop political phone calls, and the hate-filled judgement from folks with opposing views, I am good and done.  Done with a capital D.

I am disillusioned.  I don't think either of these two men have a great chance to fix what is wrong with America right now.  And it is not necessarily their fault.  It is our fault.  You can see it everywhere you look.  Hatred is being spread from both sides.  No one wants to hear any opposing viewpoints or opinions.  Everyone is just concerned about being heard and making sure "the other side" is demonized.  With a country full of angry, disrespectful people how do we expect our leaders to behave any differently?

And our children see it.  Every day my boys come home and tell me of another politician they "don't like".  I immediately correct them and tell them that just because we don't agree with someone it is no reason not to like them.  And for Pete's sake, don't believe what you see on television.  I remind them that these men and women are trying their best to better our country, and we don't have to agree with their ideas, but we have to respect them.  I wish everyone would remind their children of that (and maybe themselves too) so this dissent would lessen with generations.

Still, I have hope.  There is always hope.  

So I go to the polls and stand in line to vote for someone who I HOPE is right for our country.  

We must not let ourselves be disillusioned.  We must not be apathetic.  We must have hope.

I hope you have researched the candidates and the issues.  I hope you are well informed.  I hope you vote because you have hope.  

And no matter whom you are voting for I hope you are able to stand behind whomever will be president and give the proper respect the position deserves.

It is a gift.  A gift that was won for us with the blood of our forefathers and is still defended today by our military heros.

We are free.  We have power.  We have a voice.  We have a choice.

This is our country.



sarahkocischeilz said...

Hey there! Found you through Just Write this morning. Love your heart behind this post, especially this: " I hope you have researched the candidates and the issues. I hope you are well informed. I hope you vote because you have hope." I echo that, friend!

Mom24 said...

I, too, love the heart behind this post, but I struggle a bit. I'm not sure I can believe any more that good (in this case) men would allow some of the completely deceitful messages that have been going out. When men make statements like we will not be hemmed in by fact checkers I have a hard time teaching my children they are good people who deserve our respect.

I think every politician in this country, both sides, and the voters behind them, need to step back and think about what we're doing, where we're going. It's such a downward spiral we seem to be going on where truth and facts are no longer relevant.

Tabor said...

Great post,Kat. And so important for us all to follow. Unfortunately, once this election is over those who want the winner defeated (no matter who) will begin again with hateful posts and exaggerated statements, because they can. Citizens United has turned our country into a war zone. Throw enough money at politics and it becomes a blood sport.

Kat said...

Mom24- I agree with you. I just think that politics is a dirty business and even good men and women get wrapped up in it. And the public not only lets them get away with it but gets in on it. It is all pretty gross. But I still think the position of president deserves our respect.
I can't stand all these stupid "if so and so wins I am leaving the country!" comments. Really ticks me off.

My husband sometimes thinks about going into politics and I just cringe. I think politics in general is dirty and even the good get caught in the mess. But, still, I hope.

Elaine A. said...

This is a wonderfully worded post. I agree that I am so tired of the "hate" from either side. I do not however, believe anymore in a two party system. I cannot with good conscious vote for either of these men. I really hope there is a write-in spot. And no, I do not consider that a wasted vote.

Thanks for your words, Kat.

Bijoux said...

I have been disillusioned since the Clinton years. People who run for office have a psychological need for power. I want to believe that many start out with a true sense of wanting to serve, but the political party process has ruined this. I wish we could stop labeling candidates as liberal, conservative, democrat, republican. I also wish people would run on their own ideas, not what the party stands for or what they think the public wants to hear.

Kat said...

Bijoux- Yes, yes, and yes! I agree. Perfectly said!

Dawn said...

You said this so well Kat. It's hard to have hope sometimes, when there is so much ugliness being tossed around, but I still do have hope...not necessarily in any political candidate (though I'll respect the office), but in the people who make up this country.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Well writ--I too hope sanity and common sense prevail and SOON!

Craver Vii said...

Well stated, Kat. I see a place for persuasive speech, but demonizing the opposition is going too far. In this age, it is easy to gather information. When an eligible voter skips their blood-bought privilege, that depresses me.

Mom24 said...

I agree. I hate the "I'm leaving the country" statements. It's oh so stupid.

Sadly, I would think twice about anyone I love being in politics and that is not how it should be. Not at all.

Lora said...

A fantastic post! I could not agree more!!! A friend of mine posted something horribly offensive this morning and when I pointed out that this was what is wrong with our country and politics in general they said I "couldn't take a joke". I'm sorry, but since when has belittling, mocking, and demonizing people who dont agree with you "funny"? It's not middle school any more, but sadly the political climate seems to have regressed to such behavior. On both sides :(

lime said...

bravo, kat. i'm glad you engage your kids on the importance of participating respectfully too.

Verna Lantz said...

Amen to that. Voting is not only a privilege but a right. Good for you!!

historygirl said...

Well stated. I also don't understand why people would say they would leave the country if so-and-so gets elected to office. Those people who make that statement obviously don't know how wonderful we have it in the USA.

God bless the gentleman who wins the Presidency tonight. No matter Republican or Democrat, I believe they have the hardest job in the world.

lifesbackroads.com said...

Well said!

xoxo_grah said...

Hi, im from the philippines and the election has been flooding our channels too..:) The point you have above is really inspiring...we must have hopes, that is true! Thanks for sharing and reminding about how our attitudes should be at elections!...:)


Kerri said...

Very Well Said!

ngpaloma said...

i was supposed to comment on your WW post but this one draw me more. this is so right and very passionately said...

and i love your photo header too :-)

Cara said...

Well said!

imbeingheldhostage said...

Great post Kat!!

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

Amen, Kat. It's so disgusting to see the hate and attacking (even between the candidates themselves at the debates). Why isn't there a middle ground? Something that actually makes sense? Why does it have to be so black and white? I want the grey (or as I recently saw somebody say, the "purple!")

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