Tuesday, November 13, 2012


The temperatures have dropped 30 degrees in less than twenty four hours.  One day the kids are playing outside without jackets and the next day there is snow on the ground and winter coats, mittens, hats, and scarves are being thrown on.

Last night I lie in bed freezing for a good hour before I finally got out and grabbed a second pair of socks, a sweatshirt, and another blanket.  Even after my three layers of clothes and extra blanket were in place I was still cold most of the night.  I am chilled to the bone and have yet to warm up.

While I was frozen in my little fetus shaped ball under my piles of blankets last night I made a list of all the things I need to get done in the next week or so.  There were so many things on the list that I stayed awake for hours clogging up my brain.

Todd is prepping to for his annual hunting trip.  He will be gone for one week and will return the day before Thanksgiving.  Just in time for me to run to the store to purchase everything I need to host a Thanksgiving miracle for 20 people.  Usually I am fine with it.  It really isn't a big deal.  Normally, I am all excited planning fun surprises, treats, and day trips for the kids and I while Todd is gone. But this year, I just can't pep-talk myself into it.

Perhaps it is because I have been feeling so foul lately.  My mood has dropped just like the temperatures.  The kids are driving me nuts.  Even more than that, I am driving me nuts.  I have been nit picking, nagging, yelling.  Downright nasty, to be honest.  I just don't know how to snap out of it.

I'm just no good.  I feel like I should come with a warning sign attached to me.  "Beware of Danger!"  "Stay away!"  "Highly volatile!"


The sun is shining.  So, that's a good sign anyway.  After two weeks of cloudy, rainy days the sun has finally appeared.  And a warm up is on the way.  Maybe even into the 50's again.  There is hope.  Maybe as the temperatures rise so will my mood.  Maybe I'll even be able to make this an okay good weekend for the kids and I.

For now I'm gonna heat up a bowl of soup, put on my slippers (and another pair of socks), wrap up in a blanket, and hope my warm up comes quickly.


Bijoux said...

I was cold last night too. I'm sorry you are feeling down. When my kids were little, I often felt like that.....run down and ready to break at any moment. Better days are ahead, but you will miss having someone sit in your lap and enjoy a book with you. Trade offs I guess.

One crazy thing I enjoy about the fluctuating weather are the spring days where we have a big mound of snow at the end of the driveway, but it's 68 degrees and we have tshirts on.

Kat said...

Bijoux- I know you're right. I will miss this. And most days I am really good at pulling myself out of a funk, but for some reason I feel stuck in this one. I don't know what my problem is. Kind of ridiculous. I just have to snap out of it.

Mom24 said...

Turn up the heat! That one's easily solved. Don't worry about what it costs or if the others are comfy or anything else, just do it. Fixing just one thing like that can sometimes help make everything else look more manageable.

Good luck. I have those phases and they're awful. You summed it up exactly right, it's awful when you can't stand yourself, let alone anyone else.

I would not be happy about my hubby going away for a week for a fun trip either. Period. Not saying he shouldn't go, just saying it's natural you're having a hard time with that. It's an awful lot to be the only person there all. the. time. Can you hire a sitter a couple of nights and make some plans with a friend? Even just a couple of hours out would give you a break and something to look forward to.

Thinking of you.

Mom24 said...

Even if you hired a sitter and went out by yourself, for coffee, or wine and to browse a book store, whatever, just to give yourself a break. I hope you can make it happen.

Kat said...

Mom24- Oh the heat was turned up. Hubby was nice and warm, I was the only one who was cold. Kinda crazy. I wonder if I'm coming down with something.

Bottom line is that I think I just have a bad attitude right now. I'm sure my mom (and MIL) would be happy to watch the kids for me if I wanted to get out for a little while. We'll see how it goes. ;)

ROBIN said...

yes, definitely take some time for yourself. Have a girls night if possible! You deserve and need it. I've expressed my feelings on the cold weather. I hate it. We turned our heat on for the first time last night and already I am hating the next few months of winter. ICK! This weather brings ME down, that's for sure.

Wisconsin Girl said...

I love your honesty and so appreciate that you are willing to put it out there, because I think it helps us connect as moms...and to those feelings we can all relate to. I hope your week alone with the kids will bring you some fun memories and surprises (along with the long/stressful days:)

Verna Lantz said...

Get an electric blanket. Best purchase I have made for the cold days. It is so cozy and delicious to have that warmth all around you. On second thought, maybe not. It does make it hard to get up in the morning. :)

Kat said...

Verna- That is a great suggestion. My hubby just suggested a heating blanket this morning. I don't know what my problem is lately. Everyone else in the house is just fine. I think I'm meant to live in a tropical region. ;)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Did you quit running? I always notice my mood plunges when I stop exercising...
I hope you get revved up soon!

Kat said...

Green Girl- Nope. Still running. I actually took the longest run in a while just the other day. Felt great. And then my mood sagged again.
Luckily, I'm feeling much better today. Just in time too. Todd leaves tomorrow and I need to be on my A game. ;)

Les fous du cap said...

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We enjoyed visiting your blog ;-)
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Todd Basler said...
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Todd Erriffic said...

Only 6 nights...just sayin. Love you baby!! :)

Dawn said...

I live in a place that has grey rainy weather for many months on end. It does have an effect on the way I feel. I don't think I even realize how much so, until the sun actually does come out, and I'm all of a sudden so much happier. I hope you're feeling better today.

Riahli said...

I go up and down with my moods too... it's really frustrating I know! Winter is always harder on me, I hate being cold! I also get so irritated when I can't turn my brain off at night! Two bags of nighty night tea and I'm still buzzing, and when you are cold to boot, yuck! So sorry... You are an awesome mom though, and I just know you will pull yourself out of this funk and put your big girl panties on {haha!} and make this Thanksgiving one that your family treasures for a long time!!!! :) Cause that's what we do, us moody ladies. ;) And if nothing else works, fake it till you make it, that's my mantra!

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