Friday, August 24, 2012

Up Early

This morning we are up early to get Ben to the hospital for his eye surgery.  It is an outpatient surgery and should be no problem, but I am filled with nervous energy that I will be trying my best to conceal from my scared little Benny boy.

To calm my nerves I am having yet another cup of coffee (shut up) and looking through the pictures I took yesterday at one of our favorite swimming spots.  Seeing as how Ben will not be able to go swimming for at least 10 days after his surgery, and then school starts, I figured we had better get to our swimming hole one last time this summer and soak up some sun, fun, and swimming.

It was not as hot as I would have liked, and it rained earlier in the morning, so the water felt especially cold when the kids first attempted to swim.
Grace quickly decided the water was too cold and went back to the sand to warm up and do a little digging while the boys took to their floaties.
When the chill became too much the boys went to join their sister.  Joey said that he was going to dig to the center of the earth.  Sounds like a good way to warm up to me!
Digging to the center of the earth is hard work and soon the boys were sweaty enough to jump back into the water.  Luckily the sun had come out, the temperature rose to a nice, toasty warm, and the boys were able to swim to their hearts' content.
Even Grace decided to take a little swim.
It turned out to be a great day and a great way to have one last hurrah at the lake.  After a few hours everyone was good and pooped out, ready for a big dinner, and an early bedtime.  Just the way it should be.

In a few minutes I will wake Ben, whisk him off to the hospital without any food or water and play the sit and wait game until his surgery time comes.  If you would, please say a little prayer for my Ben and his beautiful blueberry eyes.  Thanks!


Tabor said...

You have my best thoughts and energies being sent as I write this. He has everything on his side...I am not worried.

Mom24 said...

Praying everything went well.

Jeni said...

Hope all went as smooth as glass for that oh so handsome little guy and also for you too! Any procedures the kids have to endure -whether large or small -always seem to impact us (Moms and/or Grandmas too) harder often than they do the kids -which is a good thing, isn't it, in the long run? Peace.

Hilary said...

Sending your beautiful boy my very best thoughts. And hugs to you, Kat. Please keep us posted.

lime said...

sorry i am a day late. i pray things have gone well and the recovery is uncomplicated and completely successful. said...

Hope all went well. I havent been around much with school and just getting back to work.

April said...

How did it all go? Love the swimming pics. :-) And thank you for your words on my blog post from yesterday. It is MUCH appreciated.

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

Praying it went well and you had a nice chill weekend.

The swimming hole sounds like a good place to relax before the big day.

Karen Deborah said...

He is a beautiful boy and he does have blueberry eyes! Hope all is well. I am sporting a blueberry cast. Tell Grace we almost could have been twinsies. It is so good to see them all playing and swimming and having a wonderful time! Post soon.

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