Thursday, July 14, 2011

You Capture- Summertime


Last night was one of the worst nights in recent memory.  As I mentioned in my previous post Grace has been dealing with a fever and upset tummy.  We thought she was on the mend when she was eating well and being silly.  Then it all took a turn for the worse last night at about 11:30 when she threw up in her bed.  After that she couldn't keep any medicine down and her temperature climbed from 103.2 to 105.8.  She was up all night moaning and crying.  I felt so helpless and so scared.  The only reason I didn't immediately rush her to the ER (though I did get dressed twice thinking I would take her in) was because I have a history of extremely high temperatures, and she was pretty with it and talking.  Finally at 3:30 I forced some more medicine down her and she kept it in.  She fell asleep at 4:30 and first thing in the morning we took her to the doctor.  Seems to be nothing but a nasty little virus, which is good.  After I got her back home this morning her temperature didn't go over 100.3 and she was interested in food and play again. Hopefully, this time she really is turning the corner on this nasty virus.

All night long I thought about the parents who have a child with cancer or some other serious illness and I can't imagine how gut wrenching that is to watch your child go through.  One night of agony and worry was enough to knock me off my feet.  As I prayed for Grace all night long I included all suffering kids and their parents in my prayers too.

Anyway, I had planned to participate in You Capture this week as the theme is Summertime.  We have definitely been soaking up as much summer as we can and enjoying every minute (minus the virus of course).  As soon as all the kids are healthy again (I'm hoping this virus does not spread like wildfire through our house) we will resume our normal summer activities of sprinkler parks, long walks, swimming, fishing, playing, riding bikes, visits to the lake, diggin in the sand, and whatever else we can think of.  This summer has been full of fun.

Full of:

Bare feet and popsicles with great friends.
Fishing all day with daddy.
 Campfires and making smores.
 Professional  smore eating.
 First time smore eating.
 And second time smore eating.
 Intermediate smore eating.
 Smore eating for beginners.
 There has been lots of swimming.
 And floating.
 And evenings full of exhausted children (and adults).
Yep.  It's been a good summer so far.  I hope it continues. 


DysFUNctional Mom said...

Exhausted children are great! =)
I'm glad Grace is feeling better. High fevers always scared the crap out of me!

Riahli said...

Nice! Minus the sickness of course. How scary, seeing your child suffering is the worse! Fevers can seem so scary, I've had times where I was just sure they were deathly ill, just to be smiled out of the doctors office the next day {or later the same day} with the it just a virus thing. Usually by the time I bring my kiddos in though they are sick all the way to the office and then magically feel tons better by the time the doctor gets in the room, seems like it never fails. :)

Elaine A. said...

Oh Grace is SO cute! Sorry she's been sick. :( I love her little green outfit. Glad you all area soaking it up and hope NO ONE else gets sick!!

Tabor said...

Such terrifying times when little ones are sick and you can do nothing. I remember those times with agony. Hoping your summer illnesses are all done with.

Danielle Holsapple said...

found you thru You Capture....looks like an amazing summer!

Tonya said...

I hope Gracie is feeling better now! Looks like a really fun summer :)

Dawn said...

Now I'm hungry for s'mores. :) I hope the rest of your family stays healthy and that Grace recovers quickly. That sounds tough.

Rima said...

I think the same thing when I'm up at night with sick kids. We are lucky. I hope that Gracie has rounded the corner and no one else catches it! She is SUCH a sweetie.

Jayne said...

I'm right there with ya with the sick three year old has "icky belly" but thankfully no fever. Fevers scare me silly.

I love the stages of smores eating....I'm right there with the professional! :) Happy rest of summer!

lime said...

poor gracie, poor mommy. there is nothing like having a sick child.

sure looks like vacation has been fun though. love the many levels of smoring. i am a serious smore maker ;)

painted maypole said...

i wanna know how grace scores an icecream while everyone else gets a mere popsicle. ;)

hope everyone is well and back to summer fun soon!

Kat said...

PM- They all got to choose which one they wanted, the ice cream cone or a popsicle. I was pretty shocked at the results too. ;)

Lindsay said...

Glad she's feeling better! 105?! Kids are SO reliant - that would have made me delirious! Keep enjoying your summer - we're SWELTERING here...don't even want to leave my house - but that lake sure looks beautiful.

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