Friday, May 6, 2011

PSF- Change

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 For the past eight years I have had one of these in my kitchen: 
Not so anymore.  For the first time in eight years our kitchen is without a highchair.  I'm not sure how I feel about this yet. 
It does sting a bit but the bite is lessened when I see her at the table with her brothers.  The boys are so happy to have her eating with the rest of us. 
And she is so proud of herself.
She knows what a big girl she is now.
And I am happy to see how my family is growing and learning.
But my heart does ache to let go of the past.  A past I so loved.  Cherished. 
My babies are growing.  So bittersweat.


painted maypole said...

pass it on so somebody else can feed their baby. as it should be.

but still. i can hear the heartstrings zinging from here. xoxox

Jessa said...

Bittersweet moment. I don't remember what it's like to have a high chair anymore. *sigh*

Allison said...

Wow....what a milestone. I had heartache a few months ago when Will was no longer in the bassinet, knowing that he is our last one!

Tabor said...

The growth of my children ( and now my grandchildren) is always bittersweet.

Kat said...

PM- Unfortunately we don't really know anyone in our area that is having babies. And we are the youngest of our siblings (and even cousins) so we are the last ones having babies. We always donate our baby stuff to a couple of shelters in our area, but I do wish I knew the person the stuff was going to. In the end it doesn't matter, someone needs it, I have it to give.
It is just the symbolism of the baby years being left behind that always gets me. Boo. said...

I had a harder time taking down the crib when my youngest was put in a toddler bed. The high chair didnt bother me as bad but the crib was my cracker of all time.

Lora said...

Awwww! What a big moment for your family! I'm glad you got some pictures, sometimes I think we over look these smaller milestones.

And I loe your table! lol

Tonya said...

I can totally understand this post. Though we only used a high chair with our first two and then we used the thing Grace is in once they could sit.

lime said...

the times they are a changin' i know you cherish the stages though. just enjoy them to the hilt and build lots of memories.

Kat said...

Lime- OMG! That is actually how I originally started out this post. "The times they are a changin'." Wow. Great minds! :)

Anonymous said...

wow! that's a huge step forward!

April said...

Awww. Definitely bitterweet! She looks like such a big girl!

Elaine A. said...

She definitely looks like a big girl sitting there! I cannot WAIT to get rid of the chair that K sits in. It actually straps to a dining chair so it doesn't take up as much room but I'm SO over it at this point! ha!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

How lovely to have the extra floor space! What a big girl!
Also--WE HAVE THE SAME TABLE AND CHAIRS! (I've always suspected your taste was sublime)

MamaB said...

Jill begs to sit in her highchair at home but will have nothing to do with it at a restuarant or at school. I will hold on as long as she will let me!

Mom24 said...

Definitely a bittersweet change. She's getting so grown up!

Lisa said...

we are close to that too....Anna's older than Grace, and we're still using the high chair, although she loves sitting at the table in her booster. I just can't get rid of it! Did you keep it though? Just because?

Sara said...

We just put our highchair aside, too, and now my son sits at the table like a "big boy". But the highchair is still in the kitchen, until we find a better place for it!

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