Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Snowy Days

The weather has been pretty crazy around here.  It has been dark and dreary and cold but thanks to my multivitamin and Vitamin D supplement I started taking I have been feeling much better.  Much less depressed and much more myself.  Whew! 

My mood change could not have come at a better time.  Yesterday we got dumped on.  Six inches of fluffy snow fell and the boys could hardly wait to get out and play in it.  As soon as Joey got home from school I bundled all the boys up and stuffed them outside.  Gracie watched through the patio doors at the boys laughing and having fun as they shoveled off the back patio.  I glanced at the thermometer and saw that it was almost 30 degrees outside, warmer than it had been in weeks.  I knew that now was as good a time as any to give Gracie her first chance to play in the snow. 

"Gracie, do you want to go outside and play with the boys?" I asked her.

"EEEEEeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!"  Gracie responded.  I took that as a yes.

I bundled Grace up and headed outside.   

The snow was still falling in big, fat, fluffy flakes and I wasn't sure how Grace would handle the cold.  I remembered back to the boys' first times in the snow and it wasn't the greatest experience. 
Grace, however, was a different story.  She ran right into the snow, sat down and made herself at home.  She even laughed when she tumbled over and got a faceful of snow.
The boys took turns pulling each other around on the sled and, of course, Grace had a blast.  Then I took over.  I zoomed the kids across the yard as fast as I could, jumping and falling through the deep snow.  I kind of felt like Rocky training in Russia for a big fight.  It was a workout!  But the kids' screams and laughter kept me going again and again.
 It really wore me out.  I was pooped.
It was getting dark and Grace was still going strong.  I thought she would only make it 10 or 15 minutes in the cold but she had been outside for over an hour.  I decided to put her to work to see if I could wear her out.  It didn't work.  The girl loves to shovel.  
Finally, I had decided she had been out long enough.  I dragged my little snowlady into the house (though she was not happy about it) and plopped her down in front of the fireplace to thaw.  Soon all my little snowmen tumbled into the house to warm up as well.

The weatherman is predicting yet another snowstorm in a few days, and I must say, I'm looking forward to it. 


Elaine A. said...

How cute are y'all?? Looks so cold but fun to this Southerner! I bet you burned a ton of calories that day - ha! Glad Grace AND the boys had so much fun! :)

Tabor said...

so glad to read that you are back on the sunny side of the planet!! Your children are golden!!

Mom24 said...

I'm glad you're feeling better. You are such a fun mom! Hope you get a chance to get back out there soon.

Scrappy said...

Okay, that picture of all 4 kids and the dog is so stinkin' cute that I want to print it up and put it on MY wall!! Don't worry, I won't. I'm not quite that weird, but I'm oh so tempted. They are SO adorable!!!
So far we have barely had a dusting of snow this year. These pictures make me kinda jealous!

Brittany said...

Love these photos! You guys looked like you had a blast! I am N O T a fan of snow, at all. My boys have been playing out in our winter wonderland, while I watch from the kitchen window. (LOVE that privacy fence!) :)

Hilary said...

Those beautiful kidlets, their lovely mom and that adorable pup make for some wonderful pics. Glad you're feeling better, Kat.

imbeingheldhostage said...

Love the photos :-) Every time I see one of these posts and I think what awesome memories you are making for your kids.
You certainly bundled Grace up well, she reminded me of the brother in A Christmas Story. At least Grace could put her arms down ;-)

Happy snow to you!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

What amazing pictures. Y'all are just beautiful! (Including Molly!)

Some of my best childhood memories are from snow days. I know you're making great memories for your kids. And I'm amazed that Joey had school on a snow day. When it even looks like a possible snow here, EVERYTHING shuts down!

painted maypole said...

looks fun. MQ is loving her first year in the snow... snowmen and sledding and...

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I always loved pulling my babies in the sled. That outdoor air helped them sleep well at night, too!
Glad you're feeling yourself again.

Jeni said...

Sounds -and looks -to me like you are in the process of raising a little lady who is also going to be a bit of a "rough and tumble" girl in the process! Not a thing wrong with that and she's got three big brothers who can also always look out for her too! Loved the pics of you and the kids -just great!

Dawn said...

I'm glad Grace's first experience in the snow was such fun! That little "snow beard" on Molly is too cute.

Tonya said...

You are such a good mommy!

tweetey30 said...

They looked like they all had a blast. They look so sweet. My girls love it outside sometimes. Kora likes it more than bri but oh well.. It happens..

Riahli said...

So adorable! Glad you are feeling better... :)

Rima said...

I love the picture of Gracie and the shovel! She is SUCH A CUTIE PIE!!!

Dysfunctional Mom said...

How fun! I am SO glad you're feeling better. xoxo

MamaB said...

How adorable are you all!! It looks like you have a snow bunny on your hands!! Next thing you know shee will be asking for a snowboard for Christmas!!

Lisa said...

Our Anna is like that in the snow too ~ loves, loves, loves it! Fun pictures!

lime said...

glad you're feeling better and it sounds like gracie really is quite the snow lover

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