Thursday, October 21, 2010


I love orange.  It is my absolute favorite color.  The best is a warm peachy orange, like a beautiful sunset.  But I like burnt orange and brick orange and a pumpkin spice type of orange.  I love orange.  Definitely my favorite.  And I don't hear other people say that too often.  I wonder why.  It is such a warm, lovely color. 

Anyway, today's You Capture is Orange.  I had to join in. 

My house is bathed in orange.  From my bedroom wall (a reddish orange):
To my dining room (a pumpkin spice type of orange):
Hmm.  Me thinks I need more wine.
My pendant lights in the kitchen:
Flowers on my table:
And of course my Halloween decorations:
They are everywhere.
Even my cookie jar has an orange ribbon on it.
The boys get special themed cups for the Halloween season, and of course, they are orange.
Let's not forget the orange outside the house.  I am still getting tons of tomatoes off of my plant and they are a brilliant orange.
And our family of pumpkins resides outside of our front door.
And one of the most beautiful oranges:

Now come on!  See how beautiful orange is?  It has GOT to be one of your favorite colors now.  How can it not be?  What other color could possible top this?


Mom24 said...

GORGEOUS!!! Do you have the name/brand of the dining room color? I love it!

marybeth494 said...

Me too! Orange has always been my favorite color, although I haven't been brave enough to paint a wall in it .... yet. Your rooms make me want to go pick up some paint right now - they're beautiful:)

Kelly said...

Even your hair is orange! Thanks for the tour.

Hilary said...

Your home wears it well. You almost have me convinced. ;)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Dang, woman. You DO love you some orange!

Loukia said...

Gorgeous pics - I love orange too! We re-painted our family room last year and it's a burnt orange now. I love it!

Kat said...

Mom24- I'm sorry I don't have the paint color but I know it is Sherwin Williams. The dining room color is a bit lighter than it looks in the picture and the bedroom wall is a bit darker than the pic.

Marybeth- I was nervous to do such a bold color too so we just did one wall in our bedroom orange and the others cream, then it doesn't seem like too much. I figured I could do the dining room a bold color because it is a room that we are not in constantly so if we weren't HUGE fans of it we could deal with it until we got the energy up to paint again. ;)

Kelly- Orange hair?!? Dear lord I hope it doesn't look orange. That reminds me of a clown, and I'm terrified of clowns. (my hair sometimes has a reddish tint in pics but it really is just plain old brown). ;)

Hilary- Well, I tried. ;)

Green Girl- Yes, yes I do. :)

Loukia- Yeah for orange! :)

Dawn said...

I love orange to! No wonder you love decorating for fall. The colors in your house are perfect for it.

Sidnie said...

Your orange walls remind me of my momma's kitchen... It was an terra cotta like orange.

Orange and green are my favorite colors!!

Riahli said...

Orange is so beautiful, I love the darker reddish oranges myself...but green is still my favorite color. :) Fall involves all my favorite colors, orange, dark red, green, brown, all the earthy warm tones...which is why fall is my favorite season of all!!

Scrappy said...

My mom's favorite color is Orange. Growing up I always wondered how that could be someone's favorite. Now I totally get it! I love all colors, but orange is definitely a contender for my favorite. I really can't choose just one!

My Life With Boys said...

I am normally not an orange kind of person but I LOVE it in your house! Beautiful! I especially like it in your bedroom with you bed set...may have to do a room in my house in an orange color now! ;-)

Elaine A. said...

Your house looks like the perfect house for Thanksgiving dinner! :)

And I love that you have a pumpkin for each family member, so fun and sweet! Great orange shots Kat.

CJ said...

Oh I love your lights! And I agree - orange is pretty, especially on trees...great shots :)

maggie said...

I love orange, too! So many great shades and so perfect this time of year. Love these shots.

pandabox33 said...

Oh wow !! I love your bedroom colors and the big window in your kitchen.
Everything seems vibrant in your home.

Carrie said...

Love all the orange in your house!

Jaysi said...

Yea for orange!!! LOOOOVE the pendant lights!

Burgh Baby said...


lime said...

i never thought an orange room would appeal to me but yours are lovely!

Krystyn said...

I am loving all of your orange! It looks so good in your room!

Rima said...

Ooo, your house is so awesome! I especially love the bedroom decor.

david mcmahon said...

Those are great images, Kat. Funny you should mention orange ... I posted a shot called "Tangerine Dawn" a few days ago that would have been perfect for this theme!

Great to know you had a terrific time at the cabin. Wonderful to catch up with you again.

Tonya said...

You make a REALLY good argument for the color orange!

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

Beautiful! Love the dining room.

Blue is my favorite, though...

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