Thursday, September 30, 2010



The theme for this week's You Capture is Togetherness.  Love the theme.  And today Togetherness looked a bit different.

When I went to pick up Tommy from school the weather was 70 degrees and beautiful.  Because of said lovely weather, and the fact that my boys are hard to say "no" to, I reluctantly agreed to let the boys play on the school playground with their friends instead of speeding home to make their lunches and get them down for their naps as soon as possible.

Bad decision.

Just as I was about to tell the boys that it was time to go Tommy took a bad fall from the top of the playground.  He landed on his head and his arm.  When he didn't calm down after a few minutes went by I began to wonder.  When we got home and he didn't want to move his arm I was pretty sure.  When my boy, who doesn't ever flinch when he gets shots, could not keep himself from crying I knew it.  It was broken. 

Grandma came over to watch Ben and Grace as I took my poor little boy to the doctor's office.  Once there the doctor confirmed it was broken.  Tommy got a temporary cast put on until the swelling goes down a bit.  Then it is back to the doctor's office for the real cast on Monday. 

(Sportin' the sling before they put on the temp cast.  Such a toughie!)

The kid was a real trooper.  I think I winced more as the doctor moved and manipulated his arm than he did.  He kept saying, "I'm just glad that I didn't die.  That would have been worser."  Yes.  Heavens yes.  That would have been much "worser".  I told him mommy didn't even want to think about that.  With that he decided to lighten the mood.  "Good thing I didn't break my penis off because then pee would have been spraying out everywhere!"  Hmm.  Now why hadn't I thought of that?

When Tommy got home his brothers were equal parts impressed by his bravery, sorry for his pain, and jealous of his cast and ice packs.  Still, they both decided that they NEVER want to break their bones.  Wise decision.


Mom24 said...

Ugh! Oh no! I hope it doesn't bother him much. So, so sorry.

(Very good thing it wasn't his penis, lol) Little boys are too funny. :)

sitting on the mood swing at the playground said...

Oh, poor guy! Seems like he handled it well. The penis comment is too funny.

Kat said...

The poor little fella is having a horrible time getting to sleep as we speak (write). Say a little prayer for his comfort, if you don't mind.

Riahli said...

So sorry for your little boy, but oh my did his comments make me laugh!! What a trooper! :p

Jessa (bipolararmywife) said...

Oh wow! Sorry to hear he broke his arm! But like he said, it could have been worser.

Hattie said...

Poor little guy! At least he's tough and it wasn't his penis! Baaaaahahaha! That was too funny. Hope he heals real soon.

Chrissy said...

Aw, poor little guy! I know that cry all too well, unfortunately, the one that sets that mom instinct off instantly. So heartbreaking. I remember telling my Tommy when he broke his arm that it physically hurt me to look at it. So bizarre, but so true. Hope he bounces back quickly.

Elaine A. said...

Oh Kat, I am literally CRYING laughing over here at his penis comment!!!

Sounds like he really was a trooper but so sorry this happened. Prayers for and easy and quick healing for your little guy.

Yanet @ 3 Sun Kissed Boys said...

We wouldn't want pee everywhere now would we? Such a boy comment. I love it! I hope the cast isn't bothering him to much. I hope more that the brothers don't follow suit so they can get casts too! :)

Yanet @ 3 Sun Kissed Boys said...

I'm hoping back on because I also meant to tell you how much I love your logo shot. Just beautiful!

Jill said...

Oh NO!!! Poor thing - here's hoping his arm starts to feel better soon... ugh!

Jeni said...

Kids really do say the darndest things though, don't they. His comments and attitude -just makes you wonder how they come up with some of those things, doesn't it? Having been down that broken bone road myself -once as a child and again as an old person -I know how much that arm will hurt the first couple of days, especially when trying to go to sleep, but thankfully, that will pass and it will heal and he can get all his friends to autograph his cast then too!

Linda said...

No matter their age, the male species are always worried about their penis!

My youngest broke his right are 4 different times during his childhood. If it happened today, we probably would be checked for child abuse.

He will be fine, and will have a wonderful tale to tell his friends for a long time!

Kat said...

So, you all like that penis comment huh? I laughed pretty hard when he said it too. Thankfully, he waited until the radiographer was out of the room. Whew!
That's what I get for telling my boys that they can talk to me about anything, because DOGGONE IT, they DO! ;)

Kelly said...

I laughed so hard at the penis comment--the things boys think of.

Poor buddy though, I hope he heals quickly and the cast isn't too much of a nuisance. How long does he have to have it?

Kat said...

Kelly- I'm not sure how long he has to have it on. The temporary stays on until Monday and then he gets the real cast on. I'm guessing that has to stay on for 4 or 5 weeks. I don't really know yet.

Tommy has a REALLY rough night's sleep last night. The ibuprofin didn't seem to help as much as I would have liked. I'm hoping tonight is better. Poor little man. :(

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

You have to love a kid who can think of such WORSE case scenarios like he can!
So sorry about his arm. The first few days of a break are always SO painful.

maggie said...

What a tough little guy and with a fun sense of humor. Hope he is feeling better soon.

MamaB said...

OUCH!! Poor guy, but what a tough cookie!! I think we are all glad he didn't brake his penis!! LOL that was to funny!
Maybe prop a pillow or two under his arm at night so he has a little more support?? Might be a good use for any bobby pillows you have! Good Luck! Hey and chicks dig scars! ;)

Kat said...

MamaB- Yeah. We had pillows all around him so that no matter what position he was in he could prop his arm up. But that was hard too. He is one of those kids that moves around a ton in order to fall asleep, so trying to keep still was really hard. And everytime he moved it really hurt. Poor little muffin. :(

Karen Deborah said...

Ask your doc for some real pain medicine. From one who is nursing broken bones too little kids have as much pain as we do. Poor kid but his penis joke is hilarious!!!!

Lisa said...

the poor guy & poor mama! and the penis comment? too, too funny!

Dawn said...

Poor little guy. But oh my...his comments are so funny! What a cutie.

Hilary said...

Oh your poor little sweetie. I hate that for him.. and for you. He sure is a funny little dude though. It's probably fine to up the dose of his ibus by at least half.. just for overnight. I'm sending healing thoughts and gentle hugs his way.

lime said...

poor guy. sorry to hear it because believe me...i know how it goes!

but the entry in the "things could always be worse file" of the horror of a broken penis is just priceless!

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