Monday, January 18, 2010

Growing Like Weeds

Yes, I know I've been missing from blogging for a long time now. But I've been busy watching my kids grow up right before my eyes. The last few weeks seemed to have caused some abnormally fast developments in all of my children. It is kind of freaking me out. My children are growing too fast.

Grace is five months already and the five months have flown by like the snap of my fingers. It is amazing all this little girl has done in just a short time. I know that babies grow and learn so much in the first year, but it always catches me by surprise. In this last month alone we have seen so many milestones reached.

After a bit of sleep training from her mommy, Grace is back to sleeping 11-12 hours a night. Hallelujah! Her naps are still a bit inconsistent but I'm sure that will all be straightened out with time.

Last week she tried out her highchair for the very first time. It was a success! She loved it! Now she can join us at the dinner table when we are all eating. She has also begun to roll over. Both from back to front and front to back. And as you can see, she is pretty proud of herself.
And she has also gotten much better at sitting up on her own. Though in this picture she is giving me her "I'm a stinky little girl who is tired of sitting up and just wants to go to bed" face. Somehow, she still managed to look adorable.
Grace has also taken to giving her mommy open-mouthed sucker fish kisses when she is feeling silly. She glombs onto my checks and sucks away and then laughs and laughs. She is a silly one, that Gracie. She leaves my check soaking wet but I love it.

Grace had become really interested in what we are eating, always trying to grab our food, so on Sunday we decided it was time to try her first food. She was so excited as her brothers gathered around her highchair and cheered her on. She just LOVED her rice cereal and gobbled it up. She is a natural! Just like her big brothers.
Yes, this little girl is growing up fast. Too fast. But she is not the only one.

Joey just lost his 6th tooth last night and has another wiggly one. He really looks like a jack o' lantern now, his face all holy. And he is a full blown reader. Once he got started he just took off. Now he wants to read all the time. I just love it. He has yet another reading to do in church in a couple of weeks and this time he isn't even nervous.

Tommy is not even five yet and he already has a loose tooth. Is that super early? I just can't believe it. And what a little artist my Tommy is becoming. The teacher has sent home quite a few of his drawings for us to see because they are just so advanced. He amazes me.

Ben recently decided that he does not want to wear his pull up to bed anymore. They have been dry every night for months and months so there really is no point to them anyway. AND, he has started to go potty ALL. BY. HIMSELF. It is a scary concept for me since I know that little boys' aim (especially a two year old) is really not the best, but he is very careful and tries so hard. He is doing great! Such a big boy now.

Yes. My kiddos are growing fast. I wish they would slow it down. Just a bit. I understand now why a close family friend always told me she wanted to put bricks on my head to keep me from growing so fast. It doesn't sound like a half bad idea.
So, I do apologize for my absence. I'll be back soon. But right now, I'm busy watching my kiddos. So, if you'll please excuse me, I have to go find some bricks.


Mom24 said...

Wow! She's a little dynamo. Five months old and sitting up like that? She sure is cute too.

Your boys are definitely reaching milestones by leaps and bounds as well. I'm glad they're all doing so well.

Have a wonderful time living...look for some pickle jars though to slow them down a bit. ;)

Not Your Aunt B said...

They do grow so fast! I am so happy to hear that the reading has taken off. I hope Miss A is like that. And Grace is just as cute as can be! Love the photos.

Chrissy said...

That baby is absolutely gorgeous. Really. And congrats on the sleeping! That makes such a big difference in quality of life with a little baby.

Emily said...

My kiddos grow up way too fast there a way to freeze time?

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

That is more important than anything else.

Hattie said...

Little Miss Gracie is too cute! Why is that kiddos grow up so fast? I just told my mom today that I wish I could freeze Evan as a baby forever.

Loukia said...

She's so cute! It is amazing how quickly they grow, isn't it?

The View of You said...

Can you find me some bricks too? My kids need to slow down the growing as well! Cute pictures.

Elaine A. said...

I just don't know why it has to go by so fast!

Grace is so cute sitting up - Wow, she is growing up and eating cereal too! : )

And I hear ya... I need some bricks too my friend. They're growin' like crazy around here too...

DysFUNctional Mom said...

Watching your kids grow up right before your very eyes is exhausting!
I can't believe Gracie is 5 months old already.

Jeni said...

So true! And it's also so great and yet sad at the same time, isn't it? My older grandson was 12 back in August and is now taller than me and the same height as his Aunt Mandy here. Just doesn't seem possible he is that tall at that age and by the way, how did those 12 years fly by so darned quickly anyway? Best one can do is take lots and lots of pictures and try to record as many of the great moments and words as possible too.

Hilary said...

Oh she's so darn cute. I only have my two boys (men now) and I remember so well how the younger one seemed to grow more quickly than the older one. I figure that's accelerated with three, four and more kidlets. Enjoy them. :)

Jessa said...

My uncle was suggesting bricks to my daughter over Christmas and she wouldn't hear of it. Said they'd "squish her". LOL

Kristen said...

I am with you! It is just going way too fast!!

And Cade has his first loose tooth two, and he isn't 5 until March. But he has gotten his 6 year molars already.

I just wish they would slow down just a little...

hugs to you friend!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

That is early milestones--the tooth and the potty training! Mr. B just lost HIS first tooth and he is SEVEN! And no one here trained until they were 3. Your kids are gifted, I tell you. And that baby girl is a charmer.

dragonwithin said...

Nothing could be more pleasing for a mom than to witness her children grow up and learn skills or show their innate potentials. I particularly love the picture of your smiling baby as she is lying on her stomach. she is just so adorable!

Tammy said...

I think it is so important to cherish these moments because you are so right, they grow up way too quickly. My baby will be 8 in February.

Lindsay said...

Holy moly - she IS getting big so fast!! Big girl highchairs always send me over the edge with sadness that yet another stage has passed us by....and don't get me started on sitting up. We're not there yet thankfully....and not even close. I'll appreciate it when she finally does, but man alive they seem so grown up when they can do that!

Enjoy watching your kids - and remember - you WILL MISS THIS - when you/they are having a rough day and it seems nothing is happening but a bunch of whining and discipline.


Rachel said...

She is ADORABLE, and -- wow -- she can really do a lot! My little one (nearly 5 months) is still learning that "Tummy Time" is not of the devil. LOL, he HATES it . . .so I have been a bad mommy and haven't forced it on him. So, now I have a kid that would much rather stand and jump than worry about learning to roll over or push himself up on his hands. Sigh.

Ok, you HAVE to tell me how you trained her to sleep 11-12 hours. Cade is STILL waking up every 2 and it's killing me.

Following In My Shoes

Dawn said...

What an exciting time of life, for all of you! It's such an amazing privilege to watch those little people grow. :)

painted maypole said...

my MIL wouldn't let her kids have caffeine, saying it stunted their growth (at 6'5" my husband is a visual argument that his growth wasn't stunted!) so I joke that we should load MQ up with caffeine to slow her down.

of course, I don't let her touch the stuff. (even as I guzzle it by the gallonful!)

Jill said...

She IS growing like a weed! So fun watching them do "tricks" isn't it? Sitting up on her own too... wow! Awesome!

tweetey30 said...

Wow is she growing up fast Kat.. And the boys sound like a handful also and growing just as fast.. I am glad you are happy though..

Krystyn said...

Cereal, rolling over, sitting up, sleeping 12 hours? She's growing up way too fast.

And, the boys. oh my.

Momisodes said...

I can't believe how quickly she's growing up! I seriously feel as if you were still pregnant a few weeks ago.

Sounds like everyone is reaching some great milestones. Very exciting times. I don't blame you for soaking it all up :)

Kat said...

Rachel- I think I'll do a post on the sleep training. Though I'm no expert. That is for sure! ;)

Lisa said...

I hear you. Too, too fast. Anna is 9 months today. She's been out as long as she was in....hard to believe! Anyway, keep soaking them all up! Hugs to's hoping your knees are feeling better!

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