Thursday, November 19, 2009

There He Goes Again

Yep. It is deer hunting time again. Todd is packing up the truck and heading up north until Tuesday. And this year I will have FOUR little monkeys (two of whom have colds right now, Ben and Grace) here with me. I'm a little stressed about the possible lack of sleep on my end since my babies are sick but we'll be alright.

I have plenty of fun things planned for this weekend. My boys' favorite Festival of the Trees is this weekend so Saturday will be filled with hot chocolate, cookies, and beautifully decorated trees. And plenty of me saying, "Don't touch that! That is breakable!" But fun, nonetheless. And if the weather is nice we can walk down the street to the woods where we found a HUGE pile of leaves (the neighbors must use the woods as their leaf dumping zone- SCORE for us!) and do some hardcore pile jumping. Yes. We'll find plenty to do.

I'll make sure that this week does not end up like last year. Me being overwhelmed and yelling too much. And the boys sick of me and misbehaving too much. This year I will do better!

And I won't even let myself THINK about next week when we are having my family over for Thanksgiving on Thursday, and Todd's family over for Thanksgiving on Saturday. Cuz, um, then it might all just be too much. ;)

And if I get a bit overwhelmed I have an escape plan. It is called Operation Edward And Jacob. The NEW MOON is rising and I'm gonna see it. Oh yeah, baby! The wait is almost over. I've got a ticket in my sweaty little palms, and I'm not afraid to use it! The first show on Friday is MINE baby! I am THERE!!!!! Ahhh, sweet escape.

So you see? The next five days will just fly by. Piece of cake. Uh-huh. Nooooo problem. Easy-peasy. No. Big. Deal.

Is it Tuesday yet?


Mom24 said...

Okay, now I feel really guilty for being grumpy that my hubby's grabbing a drink with the guys after work AGAIN today. :-)

Hope everything goes well. Remember, you're human. I'm sure they don't even remember last year.

Midwest Mom said...

I just finished reading New Moon, and I can see why you're excited about seeing it. :) There's something fun about that kind of escape!

Good luck with your crew. I hope you get to have a fun adventure all together. (Maybe Dad will be jealous!)

;D Have a great time!
- Julia

Elaine A. said...

I'll say a little prayer that all goes well and that there's lots of fun and none of that other stuff! :)

Kelly said...

I'm so glad you'll be able to get away to see New Moon!

I'm going to the midnight showing tonight. I"m so excited but I'm sure I'll pay for it in the morning!

painted maypole said...

Good luck, mama. you'll do fine.

Brutally Honest said...

Wow...that's a lot to take on...but I admire your positive attitude and determination. Attitude is everything!
And I'm SOOOOOOOOOOO excited for New Moon I can hardly stand it. I saw Edward on the Today Show today and jumped around the living room squealing like a 13 year old girl, much to my kids' surprise!

Riahli said...

OMGoodness you are a brave women, I would be pitching some mini-fits by now!! Sounds like you've got some awesome stuff planned though, keeping busy always makes the time fly!! :)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Whoa--wait--you're hosting HIS family for Thanksgiving after just having a baby and moving and he'll be in the woods not helping get ready? In my world that's called "We're going to this wonderful restaurant to eat." You amaze me.

tweetey30 said...

Have fun with those four sweet children of yours.. Happy Thanksgiving if I dont see you before then. I have been having problems here at home. Not home home but family issues..

Robyn said...

I feel ya. J left today until next Friday. It is going to be a long week. Where is this Festival of Trees?

Siobhan said...

I don't know how you do it every year! At least you have an escape!

Btw, I saw this deal and thought of you. If you're a crocs fan for your kids, they have Packers crocs on sale (and every other team).

Use the code secondchance at chechout and get an additional 15% off AND free shipping.

Siobhan said...

I don't know how you do it every year! At least you have an escape!

Btw, I saw this deal and thought of you. If you're a crocs fan for your kids, they have Packers crocs on sale (and every other team).

Use the code secondchance at chechout and get an additional 15% off AND free shipping.

Dawn said...

Best of luck to you this weekend. It sounds you have all sorts of fun planned.

Tiffany said...

Prayers to you... If your husband is anything like mine - these trips do wonders for them and are so good for their well being! Hang in there.

Fire Hunt said...

Of all the moms I know you can do it:)

Momisodes said...

I hope the weekend goes swimmingly and that your little ones feel better soon. It's never easy when they're sick.

And what a fantastic light at the end the tunnel!

Tammy said...

Enjoy the movie and your weekend. I am sure it will be so much fun!

Honey Mommy said...

Now I really feel lucky that we are spending a nice quiet Thanksgiving at home with just the four of us!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

I wish I were close so I could come help you out!
You'll be fine though. =)

Not Your Aunt B said...

Hope you made it to today and that the kids were wonderful too you. If not, you have a hot date with Edward and Jacob!

Stephanie said...

It's Tuesday...did you make it? Are you still alive over there? :)

April said...

I hope it was an easy five days for you! At least you had Jacob and Edward! LOL

imbeingheldhostage said...

You just keep believing Kat ;-)

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I know this one will have some sadness in all of the joy, please know that I am thinking of you.

Krystyn said...

I'm like a million days late. I hope you all survived. I felt like I couldn't do 2 late nights this week and here you are telling me FOUR days! God bless you!

Tonya said...

I hope you survived single motherhood for the week. I hate when the hubs leave town.

Nap Warden said...

Go you...single parenting is a tough gig:O

Enjoy New Moon...lots of young hotties in it;)

Maggie`s Mind said...

Hope everyone started feeling better and that you all were able to have a good time!

Anonymous said...


lime said...

hope you stayed sane and had fun. hope he got a deer. our opening day was yesterday and both my hsuband and my 18 yr old daughter got a deer. woohoo for venison!

Anne said...

Holy cow. Congrats on your little girl. I dropped out of the blog world for a long while and I've been trying to catch up with my favorites since I am working from home now. The best to you and your family!!!!

ann said...

I lost you - and then I found you tonight! YAY! I mean, you know - glad to find you again - and see baby Grace.

Lindsay said...

Hey girl - I hope you're doing okay! It's been longer than usual. But, if there's anyone who understands, that would be me. Like I said, I hope all is well and that maybe you're just having some bloggy-blah going on.

Take care! Deep breaths. Deep breaths.

Dani said...

My hubby was hunting this past week too... only he was gone from friday to thursday... leaving me home with my little one! The time flew by but only I did not get to go see NEW MOON!!! How was the movie?

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