Thursday, February 12, 2009


Okay, you've been asking but I haven't been answering. Here are some of your questions answered.

1- How is the house selling going? It's not. We put our house on the market at THE WRONG TIME. Right before the holidays is the worst time to try and sell your house, in case you were wondering. But now that spring is coming we are hopeful that it will sell. Our house has only been on the market for five months (the average for this area is 6-12 months) but it feels like a lot longer. Luckily, the house we want to buy is still on the market too. In truth, I think everything happens when it is supposed to. Timing is everything. Moving in winter would have been a pain considering all the snow and freezing temps we've had. Plus we were able to pay off some substantial bills we had. So we are in a better situation now. Hopefully it will all fall in line soon. Keep your fingers crossed!

2- Have you told the boys you are pregnant yet? Yes. It was so anti-climactic that I wasn't even going to write about it. We told them right after Christmas. I got out the video camera and lined them all up to tell them the exciting news. They just looked at me with blank expressions on their faces and said, "Mmm-hmm". I asked Joey if he already knew and he said "yes". So, I guess they are a lot more intuitive then we gave them credit for. hehe

3- How can you watch your old birth videos knowing you will have to do it again soon? First of all, my birth videos are not the scary kind. Basically, we film me having some contractions and then the next thing you know the baby magically appears and is being cleaned off by the nurses. Just as it should be, right? We don't have any graphic shots. I wouldn't want family and friends to be scarred for life seeing something they didn't want to see. Plus, Todd wants to be in the moment with me, not holding a camera to his face while his child is being born. Second, I don't really get scared watching birth videos. I'm kind of obsessed with it, actually. I watch A Baby Story and Maternity Ward and Bringing Home Baby shows all the time. I don't know what it is, but it is just so cool to me. Plus it feels like it helps to prepare me for every possible situation. Although all of my labors were so different I'm probably pretty well prepared by now.

4- How are you feeling? The nausea has let up a bit. It comes in waves but it is not all day anymore. And it is still really difficult to find anything to eat. Thinking about most foods kinda makes me sick. I can eat sub sandwiches and fruit. That's about it. I thought if I bought my old favorites like ice cream, potato chips, or chocolate I could eat some of that but it is a no go. They are all just sitting there lonely in my cupboards. Just sandwiches and fruit for me, please.

5- Is this pregnancy very different from your last pregnancies? I am much more nauseous than my last pregnancies but that is really the only difference. It seems my pregnancies got more difficult with each one. The first pregnancy I barely noticed I was pregnant except for being tired and one or two migraines. The second pregnancy I had major food aversions with the exhaustion and more migraines. The third pregnancy I had food aversions, waves of nausea, and migraines. Now this one I've only had one migraine (woohoo!), food aversions to just about everything, all day nausea, heartburn, major moodiness, and extreme exhaustion. It really is true that each pregnancy is different.

6- Are you showing yet? Nope. Not yet. I am still wearing my regular clothes though my pants feel a little tight when I sit down. My waist is starting to fill out slightly but my jeans are low waisted so I can still wear them. I just unbutton them when I sit down. MUST remember to rebutton them when I stand back up. It can cause embarrassment.

The minute I have a little belly I will post some pics for you. I love baby bellies. Right now, there is just nothing to see.

7- How is your dad doing? Hmm. Well, the Alzheimer's is progressing. He can not remember how to stand or walk. He does not say much anymore, though there are some moments that just take our breath away. The other day he looked right into my eyes (very rare) and said, "You are such a light to us. You are so special." Made me cry. We get little miracles like that every once in a while though they are few and far between. He will say the sweetest things to my mom. And just a few weeks ago, out of no where, he started singing (he hasn't been able to sing anything in so long) a song to her that they always loved. It really was a miracle. A gift to my mom. But that does not happen often. I know he is in that body somewhere, but we see him less and less these days. Still, he seems peaceful enough, and I guess that is all we can hope for right now.

So, I think that just about covers the most frequently asked questions. Sorry it has taken me a while to answer some of them. If I missed any let me know in the comments section and I'll answer them right away. :)


OHmommy said...

Hey Kat. I have sold three houses. All in March. Crossing my fingers that the same happens for you. ;)

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Oh...such sweet moments from your dad. I'll pray that there are many more miracles around the bend!

Spring seems like a good time to sell a house, with all the job moves in the summer.
I hope you feel like broadening your menu soon! And yey to fewer migraines!

Brittany said...

Aw Kat! Thanks for the updates. I'm adding you to my morning prayers- I'll pray for the house and your dad...and that little peanut inside your belly! :)

Kelley said...

Oh, how wonderful. Thanks for the update. I've got my fingers crossed that this one's a girl for you. I hope, I hope, I hope.

Megan said...

Treasure those special moments with your wonderful he started singing! I liked reading this!

raino said...

very sorry about your dad..that's all.

Tiffany @ Lattes And Life said...

Each of my pregnancies has gotten progressively worse too. ESPECIALLY regarding nausea. Fun. Hope it all eases up for you soon.

April said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your Dad's Alzheimer's. That has GOT to be so incredibly tough. I feel for you all!!

And bummer that you are still feeling pretty sick! Hopefully it will get better and SOON!!

Krystyn said...

Good luck with the house.

And, I can't believe they've gotten worse.

I love pregnancy and child birth, too (well, not the actually process of me giving birth) and I love to watch the shows and ask a million questions.

And, I hate you for not showing (of course, I really don't). With your 4th! That's amazing.

I've heard by the third you are usually showing after you pee on a stick.

Stephanie said...

My BIL just put his house on the market and it sold after 4 days. I think people are starting to house shop again - esp with the interest rate so low!

Good Luck! Keep us posted.

imbeingheldhostage said...

I've missed you and am so glad you covered all of the things I've been wondering. I'm really pleased for your gifts from your Dad must be a real gem to have such sweet moments.

Good luck on the Spring house sale!

Karen MEG said...

You've got a great attitude about the house... I think you'll sell; everything will come together, I can feel it.

What a lovely moment with your Dad, and the singing, that must have been such a blessing.

Tonya said...

Thanks for the follow up answers you are so good! Glad to hear everything is going well for you guys.

Dawn said...

It was so nice to read this update on how you're doing. We'll be visiting my husband's grandma tomorrow, who also has Alzheimer's...I hope we get one of those moments, like you talked about with your Dad.

Shauna said...

Thank You for the updates! Hope you have a beautiful Valentines Day!
♥ Hugs :)

Domestic Goddess (In Training) said...

Truly, you are 100% correct about everything happening at the right time. I put a house for sale when I was pregnant with my first son. Had the new house picked out, but our house didn't get any attention. I was crushed when the other house sold and I had no action. After my son was born, I was still crushed until my house got action and we found this house which is bigger, cooler and cheaper than the first. Its in a better 'hood, too. If we got the first one, our lives would not be so good. So, really, it will all work out.

Nap Warden said...

Yeah, I'm keeping my fingers crossed on the house. It's just no fun no matter how you slice it...Good vibes:)

Natalie said...

i have been wondering about your dad. i am glad that yall are getting some special moments.

Indy said...

Let's hope the spring brings a buyer your way! The ecomomy has to get better, right?

Laura said...

thanks for the update - have been wondering.

Fingers crossed the house sells soon.

WOW - what special mircles with your dad. Cherish them and gain strength from them.

Cannot wait to see the baby belly!!!


CC said...

Smiles :) Thanks for the FYI...

ewe are here said...

I know exactly what you mean about the low waisted jeans: unbotton when you sit, rebutton when you stand.

Although I suspect I'm getting to the end of the line of regular jeans... suspect I'll have to pull out the maternity jeans soon.

DysFUNctional Mom said...

Thank you for this update. You have made me an emotional wreck though, lol. Those little miracles from your dad...amazing. What a precious gift.
Good luck with the house, and I'm glad the nausea isn't as bad. I can't wait to see belly shots!

Designher Momma said...

Kat, thanks for sharing. I have full confidence that the house will sell for you in the next few weeks.

thanks for sharing about the pregnancy, glad to hear that the sickness is letting up a bit.

Prayers for your Dad...

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Spring is a better time for houses--and better for moving too.
I'll keep your folks in my prayers. And I'm glad your pregnancy is going well!

Anonymous said...

It was nice to read your update. Your home will sell; it is a tough market at the moment. My mother-in-law is in early Alzheimers, and it is hard on my wife.

Anonymous said...

I really hope you house sells soon. I am just glad you don't have to pay two mortgages and that it's working out with the other place. Sounds like your pregnancy is going great. Isn't it amazing how they're all different! I'm excited for you to find out what you're having. Here's the a healthy, happy, great sleeping baby!!

Sending hugs your way for you and your dad. Those moments sound precious. Little gems. What a bitter-sweet time.

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