Sunday, June 19, 2016

Let's Hear It For The Dads

A good father is immeasurable. I had a great father. He was a constant strong, loving force in my life. He was the person who gave me confidence and taught me to trust myself. He made me feel valuable. Priceless. He showed me that I deserved love. There is nothing like the unconditional love of a father. It is something I will carry with me throughout my whole life even though my father is no longer with me. I can still feel his love. I always will.
It is no wonder that I married an incredible man, eerily similar to my father, who is an amazing father to our children. I am so blessed to have these men in my life. My children are blessed. They too know the strong, unconditional love of a great father (Todd learned from an amazing father as well). I am so so grateful for the loving fathers in my life.
It was a great day to celebrate fathers. A little melancholy, as always, but wonderful nonetheless. 

Todd came home from up north this morning and the kids were super excited to give Todd his Father's Day gifts that they had thoughtfully and carefully picked out and paid for. Todd received peanuts, a beer bottle cozy, a non-leaky travel mug, his favorite lemon cookies, and many packs of gum. I gave him a watch with the kids' picture as the background on the face. It's pretty cool. The kids were pleased to see how much Todd liked his gifts and they insisted that he begin using them immediately. So, it was peanuts and beer for Todd at 9 o'clock this morning.  

Yay for Father's Day!

I hope all of the wonderful fathers in your life had a special Father's Day too!


betty said...

The breakfast of champions! What a blessing indeed with the wonderful fathers that were part of your and Todd's life and now Todd is influencing his children with being a good dad!


Crystal Collier said...

You have an adorable family, and I love your tribute to your father. Mine passed away when I was 24, and I sometimes wonder what it would be like if he was around to watch his grandchildren grow. The saddest words: what might have been, eh? Still, I look back on the memories, like you, and treasure them along with the pattern he set for my life. It makes me appreciate how precious each day is with the ones we love. We never know how long we'll have them.

Bijoux said...

Your husband is adorable! And what sweet gifts your kids chose. The Dad here loves peanuts as well. I miss those days of all being together for these holidays.

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