Tuesday, March 21, 2017

A Golden Dozen

Still as cheeky, and kissable, and huggable, and squeezable as he was back then. Now he is 12. He is one sassy charmer, this kid. Always the Goldensbear.

Tommy is always one to come home and ask how my day was. He is the one who will crazy dance with me for every song at a wedding. He is the one who can tell when I am upset and is quick to give me a hug and tell me he loves me. He is a good listener. He is a good son and friend. He goes out of his way to play with Grace when he thinks she is being left out. He always shares with Ben and Joe and is quick with a compliment and encouragement. He is a good brother.

He is also dramatic and emotional and moody. He can be demanding and impatient and persistent to annoyance. I kid him often and say, "You're lucky you're cute." He is lucky he is so charming too because it is easy to quickly forgive this kid. Especially since he gets his dramatic, emotional moodiness from me. I get it. I get him.

He is quick witted and fun. He is always making us laugh with his weird made up characters with goofy facial expressions and odd voices. He likes the spotlight but he doesn't steal the spotlight from others. He is generous and kind.

There are so many things to love about this kid. He is hard working and determined. He is naturally talented in many different areas. He is just as comfortable talking with adults as he is with kids and he puts people at ease. I know this kid will go far in life not only because of his gifts and hard work but with his charm as well.

This boy wears his heart on his sleeve. He is one big walking heart. I am so proud to be his mama. I love him so very much.

Happy Birthday, Thomas! 


betty said...

Happy birthday Thomas! A fine young man you are!!!


Bijoux said...

Oh, he is looking so grown up! My son had that same outfit in the first pic. So cute!

Tabor said...

One of my three grandchildren is an old soul, like your son/sun.

BrightenedBoy said...

What a heartwarming post so full of love. I am definitely not ready to have children yet, but this kind of thing reminds me why I very much want a family when the time is right. I also have a sister just shy of her 14th birthday, and this brings her to mind, too. Thanks for sharing.

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