Sunday, January 8, 2017

Happy To Serve

It seems like just yesterday when Joe and Tommy would insist on escorting Father Ed out of church after mass every Sunday. It started when Joe was only two years old. Father Ed was a good friend of ours and when he walked down the aisle past us on the way out of church Joe reached his arms out. Father grabbed him and carried him out. And a tradition was born. Every Sunday Joe would stretch his arms out and Father would carry Joe out of church. The congregation really got a kick out of it. The minute Tommy was old enough to reach out to Father he did. He saw big brother and Father and wanted to join in. Father would walk out carrying Tommy and holding Joey's hand. 

When we heard that Father was retiring we were very sad. He was a wonderful priest and a great friend. This picture is from his last mass at our church. Father had just baptized a baby and was holding the baby on the way out but that didn't deter my boys. Of course, Joe and Tommy had to escort him out of church one last time. 

Today Joe and Tommy served at mass for the very first time. As I glanced up at them I couldn't help but think of those two little boys who would escort our priest out of church. My how time flies.
The boys were happy to have their friend, and Joey's classmate, serve with them. Aiden is an old pro and was very helpful. Every time the boys did something right Aiden would give them a supportive head nod. Made me smile.

It was also a very memorable first time serving as a bat came out of hiding and flew freely about church. It caused quite a commotion but the boys did a good job staying focused.

Ben had a little bit of a hard time watching his brothers serve. He was super disappointed to learn he had to wait until 5th grade, not 4th grade as he thought, to be a server. One more year to go. Before you know it all three of my boys will be serving at mass together.  

I was very proud of these boys today. God bless you, Joe and Tommy!


Bijoux said...

A bat? I would have FREAKED! Congrats to them and bless them for their service.

betty said...

I bet you had tears in your eyes when Father Ed was escorted out by your boys for that final time a few years back. Mighty fine looking young men serving!


Kat said...

Bijoux- I actually like bats. They look like little mice and I've had pet mice before. Also they eat nasty bugs. 😬

Kat said...

Betty- I was definitely emotional. I did have tears in my eyes.

Hilary said...

How bittersweet. Your pride for your wonderful boys shows in everything you write about them.

And I love bats!

kold_kadavr_ flatliner said...

Yay! Alleluia, sis!!!
Im just happy you and your family
know Jesus...
I wanna VitSee u Upstairs someday.
I'll be praying
my heart-out 4u, dear.
trustNjesus ALWAYS, girl.
Cya Upstairs someday.

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