Friday, October 28, 2016

Right Now

Last night I had a dream I was holding a tiny baby. I don't believe it was my baby. I think I was just holding the baby for someone else. But I loved that little baby. So small and sweet and precious. I could even smell that new baby smell. My heart was melting.

When I woke up I expected to feel the familiar pangs of longing that usually accompany that dream, but I didn't. It was just a nice dream. It seems, though I still love babies, I am really enjoying my kids and where we are at right now.

The other day as I was dropping the kids off at school Tommy gave me a little wink and said, "Enjoy your surprise!" and then ran off into school.  I wasn't sure what he was talking about but chuckled and went on my way. Later that morning as I was unloading groceries into the fridge I saw a note that Tommy had taped on one of the fridge shelves. It said, "Love you mom. Have a great day - Tommy"
I'll tell you, it made my day. When the kids got home from school I told Tommy how much the note meant to me. Ben must have been listening because the next day I found a similar note from him on my computer. God, I love these kids.

Yesterday, I told Joey that we needed to head out to look for some basketball shoes for him after school. Kohls was having a massive sale and if we could find some shoes on sale that would be great. These stupid basketball shoes average around $100 and I just find that absurd. Anyway, Tommy started to plead his case for a new pair of basketball shoes but I told him it was a no go. Not only do his shoes from last year still fit but we also have another pair (Joey's shoes from last year that are like new) that are the next size up. No new shoes required for Tommy. Tommy lamented that all his friends get new shoes all the time but I reminded him he wasn't born into that kind of family. Tommy acquiesced and went about his homework on the computer. Since Tommy was on the computer Joe asked if he could use my phone to look up basketball shoes. It wasn't until later that evening when I was using my phone that I noticed the search Joey had done for his new basketball shoes, "cool cheap basketball shoes". Aww. Something about that just got me. It seemed so thoughtful. I never told him his shoes had to be under a certain dollar amount. I didn't even really complain about the price of the shoes at all. And yet secretly Joey was trying to do his part. It warmed my heart.

Lately we have taken to playing a little "game" at dinner. We used to do "high/low" where we would tell about our high and low of the day. However, I recently changed it to focus on the positive. Now we pick out our favorite, or high, part of the day, and then we also name something we did that day to show kindness for someone else.  The kids have taken this pretty seriously and really give their answers a lot of thought. I am so delighted to hear how often they stick up for someone who is getting teased and how often they play with the kid who was standing alone. Love my kids.

Grace loves to point out how she and I have so much in common. When I am reading she always grabs her books and comes to snuggle in next to me to read. I even find her off in a corner or alone in her room with her books. She has already read Anne of Green Gables and just finished The Secret Garden. She is a reading machine. She is so smart. When I marvel at her reading she says to me, "I'm definitely your daughter!" It is just so precious. And yet she is completely comfortable being her own person too. If she doesn't like something (regardless of if I like it) she will let me know. I love that. Yesterday Grace mentioned she would love another "ladies weekend" with me. Last time we went shopping (mostly a bookstore), to lunch, and then to a theater performance of Ella Enchanted. It was so much fun. And I am so glad she loved it as much as I did.

This morning the kids and I quoted The Holy Grail all the way to school and when they got out of the car they galloped into school complete with coconut/galloping noises. I must have looked like a lunatic as I laughed like crazy exiting the parking lot and drove home. These kids of mine are seriously hilarious. It made my day. Man, I love those kids.

So, yes, while I still love babies, I am so incredibly happy with my kids and where we are at as a family right now. And though they are more apt to talk back, be cranky, sass talk, and misbehave at this age than they were as babies, I still am loving this. This crazy, fun, exhausting, hysterical, trying, loving time in our lives is pretty great. I love right now.

***Disclaimer-  Sorry if this seems like a braggy post about my kids. I really do need to write down all the times they do something sweet, funny, loving so that when they are acting like turds I can go back and remember how much I really do like them. 


Tabor said...

Not a braggy post. You are smart, loving and lucky and we all know that. Some have more challenging children even though they make every effort to make them loving and hard working and I am sure you have friends that you support and love even though their children are not so perfect. We are all in this together and we think you should celebrate your successes when you can!

Bijoux said...

I LOVE the idea about sharing how you showed kindness that day. I wish my kids were all home again to do this.

Kat said...

Definitely. Many families have real struggles that we don't have to deal with. But my kids are far from perfect. That is why I write these posts for myself. When we are going through rough spots with our kids (and we definitely do) I can look back on the good stuff. ;)

Kat said...

I got the idea from a friend of mine. I really like it.

betty said...

Enjoy right now :) It can change so much in a heartbeat as you know. You and Todd (I've said this before) are raising great kids. It is what you and him are doing that is producing the results you are seeing with them. They pretty much model what they see (with a few deviations here and there). They see love, consistency, borders, time spent with them. Of course life is not perfect, it never is, but you are setting a frame within them that will carry them far in the days to come. Pat yourself on the back (I know I said that before) and I know you do, but thank God daily for the blessings you have been given :)


Kat said...

I certainly do count my blessings. I know how quickly life can change. I am such a worrier that, honestly, it is in the back of my mind much of the time. My sister died when she was 9 and I grew up knowing that nothing is guaranteed. It is something I struggle with. Another reason I try to appreciate the good when I can.

Stephanie Faris said...

You should brag about them. They sound amazing!!! You're doing a great job with them. That's what grandchildren are'll be a little while for you, but you'll hold that baby again!

Kat said...

Oh, that seems like a long time from now (hopefully, actually). BUT I am a volunteer at the hospital and I hold and comfort the babies in the NICU. I'll get my baby fix from that for now. ;)

Words To Live By

Be grateful for each new day.
A new day that you have never lived before.
Twenty-four new, fresh, unexplored hours to use usefully and profitably.
We can squander, neglect, or use them.
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Finish every day and be done with it.
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forget them as soon as you can.
Tomorrow is a new day.
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-Ralph Waldo Emerson