Tuesday, August 16, 2016

7th Heaven

Grace turned 7 yesterday and the whole weekend was spent celebrating her birthday. She was in 7th heaven. 
The weekend started out with a trip to the local indoor waterpark. Grace was finally tall enough to play in the big pool with her brothers. She also decided, on her own, to try out the big waterslides by herself. It was a big day for her. 

Then there was cake with the grandmas and presents, too.
Monday, on her actual birthday there were even more presents! Grace was thrilled with her doll twin and her angel necklace.
We even went to Bay Beach for the day. It was a blast. Grace added another first to her list and went on the Zippin' Pippin for the first time.
 It was a great birthday weekend for Grace. And I didn't even have time to get melancholy at how quickly my little lady is growing up.
Happy Birthday, my darling girl. I am so proud to be your mumma. I love you!


Bijoux said...

I love the last picture! So cute, and what a neat candelabra!

I remember giving my middle child her American Girl twin. She still dresses it up for the seasons and displays it! Red hair and brown eyes!

Bijoux said...

I just noticed your Story of Us and read it! OMG that is wonderful! Love it! XO

Kat said...

Bijoux- Thank you! I'm glad you found the story.

Yes, Grace found out about American Girl dolls but I just can't go there. I can not believe how expensive they are. Crazy. Well, we were at Walmart a couple of months back and Grace found My Life As... dolls. Very similar to American Girl dolls and only $27!!!! Unfortunately they didn't have any brunettes in the store but I found this one online and snatched it up right away. Good thing I did because now everyone else found out about them and they are all sold out and online they are now going for over $100. Woohoo! I lucked out! Also purchased a bunch of other really cute outfits for her too. So fun! :)

betty said...

Happy belated birthday, Gracie. Looked like fun birthday celebrating! She's starting to look more young lady than little girl.


Tabor said...

Fun watching your family grow over the years. They are like little bobbing weeds!

Mom24 said...

SEVEN??? Wow! Happy birthday Grace! What a cutie pie. Sounds like a wonderful birthday celebration. You do good Kat.

Midlife Roadtripper said...

Tell Grace this 60 year old broad went to a waterpark for her birthday last week, too. I had a blast going on all the slides. Figured I might not be able to at 70 so better do it now. I'm thinking we both had a good time.

Next time I'm in your town, we should go to lunch.

Riahli said...

Awww! Such wonderful birthday fun! My La just turned 7 this month. Hard for me to wrap my brain around!!!

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