Monday, March 21, 2016

Eleven Is Heaven

Today my Thomas turns eleven. No longer able to show his age on his hands he is now officially in the tween stage. Luckily, this age seems to fit Tommy perfectly. With Tommy, eleven is heaven.

This past weekend we celebrated Tommy's birthday with presents, cake, dinner out on Saturday and brunch on Sunday with the grandmas. It was kind of a birthday weekend, if you will. And much of the time Tommy was helping me run errands, sharing his brand new toys with his siblings, and generally being full of sunshine and loveliness. You know, par for the course with this kid. 

On one errand to the grocery store this weekend Tommy mentioned to me that he is so glad that he is part of our family and I just had to respond in kind. I let him know that he is such a gift not only to our family but to this world. Tommy glows. It is like he is lit from within. We have always called him "Goldensbear" not only for his soft blond hair but for his golden heart. The kid is filled with compassion and kindness. He is charming as all get out and attracts young and old to him. He is confident in himself and makes others feel comfortable being around him. He is good at just about everything he tries. He is a hard worker and I have no doubt that whatever he wants to do in life he will be a success. But more importantly, he is a good person. I told Tommy all of this and let him know that his dad and I don't care what he does for a living. It doesn't matter if he gets married or stays single. He can be rich or poor or somewhere in-between. What matters to us is that he is a good person. And he certainly is on the right path already. We are so proud of him. What a joy he is. 

Happy 11th Birthday, Tommy! No matter how big you get you will always be my baby. I love you so much and I'm so proud to be your mumma.


Bijoux said...

A happy birthday, indeed. I always love seeing your cakes.

Blogoratti said...

Warm birthday wishes, and those are delightful photos. Greetings!

betty said...

Loved all his expressions on his face :) Happy birthday Tommy!! I hope you have a great year being 11!


Midlife Roadtripper said...

Aw, sweet message to a sweet boy from a sweet mom. Happy Birthday Tommy.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Happy Birthday to him! I love reading your posts celebrating your children!

Mom24 said...

What a great post! Happy birthday Tommy!!

Anita said...

When I got to the part about it not mattering what he does in life, as long as he is a good person, I thought, Awww... For a split second, I thought that I should tell my daughters that, but got afraid that my youngest would take me up on it and never leave! lol

This is such an loving post. I've glad that you, the family, and grands made it a great and memorable birthday for Tommy.

Rhapsody said...

Blessings and happy birthday to mr grand 11

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