Sunday, February 8, 2015


This was a very exciting weekend. This weekend Ben turned 8 years old. 

It is always lucky to have a birthday on the weekend because there is much more time to fit fun into the celebration. I think it is safe to say that Ben had fun this weekend. We all did. 

Ben wanted to go bowling this weekend so yesterday, after we helped out at the school basketball tournament (hence the school t shirts), we went to the bowling alley for a few games. Ben's birthday wish was fulfilled and we all had a good time.

Today was Ben's actual birthday and that meant presents. A guitar, LEGOS, books, and a watch. Ben was a happy camper.
After church we went with the grandmas to Ben's favorite restaurant for lunch. Ben even got a free t-shirt from the restaurant that he can wear when we visit the restaurant again and he can get a free soda. I think he was more pleased about the saying on the back of the t-shirt than he was about the free soda. It said, "Trust in the Lord and Do Good". Perfect for my little man who says he wants to be a priest someday. (last year he wanted to be a tornado chaser and this year a priest. quite a jump)
Funny Ben story: Ben and I were sitting together and he was reading his prayer book. He was telling me how much he loves God and I said, "Do you think you want to be a priest someday?" Ben answered emphatically, "YES! I want to be the Pope someday! But first I have to be a priest. And then I have to be a Bishop. And then I have to be an Archbishop. And then I have to be a robin." HAHA!  I'm sorry to say I couldn't hold back my laughter. (for all of you nonCatholics out there, it is actually a Cardinal, not a robin. So close, Benny!) 

After lunch it was back to our house for some cake and baby Benny videos. It is always such an eye opener watching those old baby videos and seeing how fast it has all gone. Amazing.
I can't believe my baby boy is 8 years old already. And he's still the same sweet, smiley, kindhearted, cuddly, goofball he was as a baby. Still patient and calm and kind and caring. Still my baby boy. My Ben.

Happy Birthday, my sweet little Benny Bear. You are such a dear, sweethearted, considerate, loving, and good little man. I am so proud of who you are. I am honored to be your momma. I hope you have a fantastic 8th year.  I love you!


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Happy birthday to him!
What a sweetie--he sounds like a joy!
And I am nearly done with Big Little Lies and now I want to read everything Liane MOriarty ever wrote. WHY HAD I NOT HEARD OF HER BEFORE THIS BOOK?

Hilary said...

I had a little laugh over the robin comment. I caught on right away.. and I'm Jewish. ;)

Happy Birthday to your sweet guy.

betty said...

Happy birthday Ben! It looks like you had a great birthday weekend! I so want to go to that restaurant you went to and get a shirt like that! Such a cool one! LOL with the robin, I got it with the cardinal too :)

I hope you have a wonderful year ahead!


Kat said...

Hilary & Betty- Well done both of you! I have a few Catholic friends I told that story to and they didn't get the joke at first. I was just impressed that Ben knew the steps he had to go through to become a Pope, other than confusing the birds. ;)

Green Girl- So glad you enjoyed the book. Moriarty is one of my favs now. You HAVE to read What Alice Forgot. One of the best. That one stuck with me.

Bijoux said...

Happy birthday, Ben! Fabulous cake, Mom! The restaurant's shirt is cool as well!

Elaine Alguire said...

Happy Birthday to your Ben! I forget that our younger boys are pretty close in age too, my G will be 8 in May! Hard to believe. Looks like he had a wonderful celebration. :)

Midlife Roadtripper said...

Wonderful post. Eight years old. Doesn't get much better than eight.

BTW, love your header with the four kids on the dock. You are where I was for so many years. Good place to be.

Riahli said...

He turned eight! Ack!!! Time flies! Looks like a really fun birthday. :)

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