Friday, December 26, 2014

All Is Bright

We made it. Oh, there were glitches. A quick trip to the doctor, an hour wait in the pharmacy, two missing santa gifts (which finally showed up the day AFTER Christmas) and two very hasty replacements, last minute treats to make and presents to wrap, and two Christmas celebrations, and all was still jolly and bright. 

After Grace and I got back from the doctor's office and the pharmacy we got busy making treats. She helped me make the applesauce and while that was on the stove the kids and I got started on the second treat. 
The kids unrolled the Rolos while I laid out the pretzels. Before we knew it all the treats were made. While I cleaned up the house the boys went outside to enjoy the 45 degree Christmas Eve weather with a game of basketball. I think that was a first.
Soon it was time to go to Todd's mom's house for our Christmas Eve celebration. We all enjoyed gorging ourselves on appetizers and had fun exchanging gifts. Grandma made each of the grandkids their own monogrammed pillow cases. Very cool.
Then it was time for our famous dice game. We went down to the basement to begin the madness and good time was had by all.
By the time we got home it was way past the kids' bedtime and we quickly ushered them off to bed so that we could get to work.
I didn't even feel like I got any sleep. The next thing I knew it was time to get up. No sleeping in on Christmas Day no matter how late we got to bed.

The first thing we did when we got up was open the best, and most important, gift first. Baby Jesus. Joey had the honor of opening the gift and Grace had the honor of placing Baby Jesus in his manger.
The kids had waited as long as they could (just long enough for me to grab a cup of coffee- which I never actually had a chance to drink) and then dove into the presents. 
It was a good year. The kids really raked it in. Ski jackets, and LEGOS, and Nerf guns, and an Easy Bake oven, and an Anna doll, and handheld old school video games, and a football helmet, and watches, and a Red Ryder BB gun. Wow. Even Molly got in on the action and received presents. It was a very exciting morning.

There was only a couple short hours of play before we had to get ready for Christmas mass. Overtired and overexcited as they were, the kids were still very good in church. It was a lovely mass.

Soon we were back home, eating a quick lunch, playing with toys, giving Gracie a nap, and making more snacks for our next gathering. Then it was over to my mom's house for our Christmas get together.

Silly me, I forgot to take any pictures until after the dinner, and after the dice game, when a few people had already gone home. I think the exhaustion was setting in because I had forgotten to do a lot of things (taking pictures was just one of those things) and Todd had to run back to our house twice (good thing we only live a couple of miles away). Oh well. It all turned out in the end.
Tired as we were we still stopped by the house with the dancing lights and watched the goodness for a few minutes. It was a great way to wrap up a fantastic Christmas.

By the time we got home we were all exhausted. Happy and exhausted. The kids went to bed and Todd and I vegged out for a bit before we passed out too.

And today is always one of my favorite days. A day when I sit around and do as little as I possibly can. I try to move as little as possible the day after Christmas and it is lovely. Today I read my book and drank my coffee as the kids played with all their loot. Then I took a shower and read my book some more. I went to the library (I left the house!) and picked up more books, came back home, shot a few hoops outside (man, I am LOVING this warm 50 degree weather!), read some more books, and chilled out some more. It was just what I needed to refuel from the frantic Christmas pace.

Tonight I plan to sleep like the dead and recoup all the energy I lost this past week month. And I'll need it. Tomorrow I'll pack up the kids and meet Todd up north at the cabin (he went up today) where we will once again attempt to take the four kids skiing. Energy will be needed.

How did you spend your Christmas? And what do you do the day after? Are you a shopper looking for bargains? Do you like to take the day off to recover, like me? Or do you have some other tradition for the day after Christmas? Whatever your tradition, I hope your holiday was merry and bright, and I hope you are recovering nicely.


betty said...

It looked like a lovely Christmas, Kat! Love how they manage to come together, no matter how hectic it can be before the actual day! Lovely family gatherings too, lots of wonderful memories made!

Enjoy your time skiing!!!!

We for Christmas went to my brother's for brunch with their kids and grandkids, then lunch with hubby's brother and wife, then vegged out in the evening, LOL :) Friday I worked, but now off for 2 weeks because of the move :)

Happy New Year since I'll be off line for a bit with the move.


chrissy said...

Your kids are going to have such great memories of Christmas growing up! I know it's a lot on you, but you are doing a great job.

We go to church on Christmas Eve, and then spend all day Christmas day being lazy in our pajamas. We order Chinese food and eat all the leftover cookies and take naps. Then on the day after Christmas, I went to work and Greg and the kids cleaned the house and went to the movies. Not a bad deal. :)

Riahli said...

Awwww, what a wonderful Christmas! I love your tradition of putting baby Jesus in the manger Christmas morning!
We don't go anywhere on Christmas day. I refuse. ;) My mom and sister usually come to our house. We had J this year too. It was really nice. So Christmas is my day to relax after all the crazy prepping. Except for the meals, but I kept it simple this year and had lots of help. :) The day after Christmas I usually go crazy, and all the way through the long weekend. I like to have my house in order by Monday. All the new stuff in its proper places and such, plus I do a major decluttering of the whole house. I took my tree down the day after Christmas this year! Earliest ever, but it was so dry I just wanted it gone. Any way your idea of relaxing the day after sound better really… but I'm such a freak about clutter and just can't handle it for long, can't even relax, my anxiety just skyrockets! Maybe I'll force myself next year and see how it goes. ;) A day of book reading sounds delicious!!! I might be able to ignore the clutter for a good book, ha!

Bijoux said...

What a great day! I actually miss being forced out of bed at 6 am. We had to get our two still at home up at 10 am to get the ball rolling!

We go to my parents the day before Xmas and to church Xmas Eve. We stay home and have a big feast and open gifts and play games on Xmas with immediate family. Go to my inlaws the day after. Today I'm hosting the cousin party.

Hilary said...

It sounds like the perfect family Christmas. I love how wowed the boys are over their Lego gifts. And what a great idea their grandmother had to embroider/cross stitch their names and interest onto pillow cases. I'll have to steal that idea. Now I just need Santa to bring me some grandchildren. And a couple of daughter in laws, I suppose. ;)

Verna Lantz said...

Looks like a wonderful Christmas!! What a blessing to have family, fun, and traditions. Thanks for sharing!!

Kat said...

Riahli- HA! That is so me. I really can't stand the clutter and the boxes and the pieces and the AHHHHH all over the place. It really does make me nuts. I must be a bit OCD about it. In years past the house was all cleaned up the day after Christmas. However, this year I decided that my kids will only be little for a very short time yet. I want to let them play with wild abandon and not worry about mom freaking out about their stuff everywhere. It is the day after Christmas, after all, and they didn't really get to play much on Christmas day since we were at my mom's. Actually, their toys (just the toys, the boxes and wrapping and extras are all put away) are still out, but in an orderly way. Of course we went up north on the 26th and just came home today. So I will let them have them out until tomorrow. Then we have to clean up because we are having more people over. Cuz I'm crazy. ;)

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