Thursday, October 17, 2013

Random House


-I haven't posted in a while.  Part of that is because I have been busy paying attention to my attention hogs (aka- my family).  Another part of that is that I got a new computer and it has taken some time to set up. Either way, I've been gone too long, and now I have some catching up to do.

-While I've been away from the computer we managed to add to our household again.  Our hamster died so we decided to get a guinea pig.  It is the cutest pig I've ever seen.  We love him.  And because I am a glutton for punishment we also got another hamster (who we NEVER ever see so I don't really have a nice picture of him). The kids have been asking for a guinea pig for years.  Literally, years.  Joey even got a guinea pig stuffed animal for Christmas a few years ago in the hopes that it would stave off his desire for a real one for a while.  Luckily for my kids I am a huge sucker for animals.  (and daddy was out of town)

As you can see the kids are happy.  Truth be told, so am I.  He is the sweetest little pig.  I love holding him and listening to him squeak.  So cute.

-On another front, Todd has been taking each of the boys for a little one on one time up north.  Both Ben and Tommy got turns going bow hunting with Todd and sitting with him in his deer stand. Todd shot a buck when he was hunting with Tommy, and tracked it until it got too dark. When he went back the next day the entire deer had been eaten and all that was left was the antlers.  I think the bear are becoming a bit of a problem in the north woods.  Two weekends ago Joey went on his first hunt.  A youth hunt.  Unfortunately, they didn't see any deer (again, the bear are scaring them off) but a good time was had anyway.  My future hunters:

Todd went up north by himself this past weekend for a little bowhunting and destressing.  He didn't see any deer at all.  He is seriously ticked (after spending all that time putting the food plots in) about the bear (he saw them on his field camera) but all I can think of is this:

So cute.  Scary!  But cute.

-I'm thinking of changing my hair color again.  I actually like the blond, but I have not really had ONE comment on it so that is telling me something. If people are avoiding the topic that is usually a bad sign. Plus these conversations swayed me too:

Walking up to Tommy in the lunchroom at school a few of the little girls look at me and say,
"Your hair is blond!  Did you make your hair blond?"
Me: "Yep."
Girls: "Why?"
Me: "I get bored. I'm sure I'll change it again soon."
Girls: "I like it better brown.  You looked better before."
Me: "Yeah?"
One Girl: "Yeah. Or maybe I'm just used to the way you looked before."
Me: "Yeah. Sometimes we like what we are used to."
Girls: "Yeah. I like it brown."

Snuggled up on the couch with Grace:
Grace: "I think your hair should be like mine."
Me: "You mean brown?  You want me to have brown hair again?"
Grace:  "Uh-huh! I like when we have the same hair.  You should have brown hair again and then we can be the same!"

This conversation was not quite at sweet:

Tommy: "You look so old with that blond hair, mom!"
Me: "Oh yeah?"
Tommy: "Yeah.  Like, really old.  Some of the hair almost looks white.  You just look old.  Really, really old."
Me: "Um...  ummm..."

But I'm not the only one getting the shaft around here.

One night at the dinner table the boys were harping on their daddy to take them hunting again, or play catch, or something.  I can't remember.  They were basically pestering him.  Then Gracie spoke up:

Gracie:  "Be nice to daddy! He's so old!"

- Tomorrow night is the kids' school Halloween party.  It is a big hit every year.  This year the boys are gonna dress up as the three Ghostbusters and Grace is gonna be a ghost.  Is that cute or what?  Right now I am busy making a couple dozen owl cupcakes for the party too. I hope they turn out well.  Pictures to follow on both the cupcakes and the costumes.

I guess that is all the randomness I've got for now. How about you?  Any random thoughts you'd like to throw at me?

10 comments: said...

always. I have graduated from school and about to put up a new post on things going on in our lives here.

Bijoux said...

It always cracks me up when people say they went hunting but didn't see any deer. All I have to do is look out my window! They are like dogs here.

That guinea pig looks REALLY soft!

Kat said...

Bijoux- That is the problem. We are TONS of deer in our neighborhood, but you can't hunt in our neighborhood. And there are tons of deer up north. The problem is that there are bear up north as well, and the bear like the food plots that Todd put in. SO... the deer are not around because of the stupid bear. Boo.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

So many good things--the hunting, the costumes, the pig.
You do whatever makes you feel beautiful--who cares what anyone else says or doesn't say!

Amethyst Skies said...

What an adorable piggy!

Charmaine said...

Hi Kat :) welcome back ... cute pet :) good luck with the hair decision ... that's the fun thing about hair... it's easy to change things up if one feels the need ... Stay Strong

chrissy said...

Ghostbusters!!! AAA! I am dying!! That is the cutest thing ever, can't wait to see pics. All I can say about the guinea pig is better you than me. My kids (and husband) were on a campaign to get a hamster when our friends hamster had babies, and I tried my best to shut that down. Thankfully after they researched it for a bit, cooler heads prevailed, by which I mean I talked them out of it. Does your dog want to eat it?

Peruby said...

How about a light brown with blond high-lights? It can be costly but after conversations like that 'Ouch!'

How about your husband? What does he prefer? If you like the blond and he likes the blond I would say "That settles it."

The kids have already forgotten it.

lime said...

want an honest opinion? ask a kid. don't want an honest opinion from a kid? gonna get it anyway. lol

bummer about the lost deer. hope you all get one and hope we do too!

Ehrenfried said...

The kids have been asking for a guinea pig for years. Literally, years. Joey even got a guinea pig stuffed animal for Christmas a few years ago ...

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