Monday, August 12, 2013

Girlie Time

Sometimes I am still amazed that I have a little girl of my very own.  A little girl who wants to spend time with her mommy even if it means missing out on going up north.  A little girl who gets excited about things like bridal showers, and holding babies, and school shopping, and snuggling up to watch princess movies.  

That is exactly the kind of weekend Grace and I had.

The boys left to go up north on Friday morning.  Shortly after they left Grace and I did a little shopping together for all the bridal showers and weddings we are going to in the next month and we even got all of her school shopping done too.  

It was the warmest day we've had in a while (which is pretty sad because it was only about 82- come ON summer!) so we decided to go swimming. By the time we finally got to the swimming hole the temperature was 78, it was windy, and I was freezing in the water.  Gracie was a much tougher chic than I and swam away. 
Still, we only lasted about an hour before we decided to head back home for dinner.

Saturday we got gussied up, picked up my mom, and headed almost 2 hours away to the bridal shower for my cousin (Actually, she is my cousin's daughter- so what is that- my 2nd cousin? I don't know.  My cousin) It was a beautiful warm, sunny day.  Perfect for a bridal shower.  The food was delicious, the company was sublime, and the games were so fun.  It was a great day.
And bonus! Grace and I got to hold a precious little 5 week old baby (My other cousin's daughter's baby. So is that my 2nd cousin once removed?  HOW does that stuff work? Whatever.) for a good portion of the day. She was a precious little angel and Grace and I were both smitten.  I asked Grace what her favorite part of the day was.  Stuffing her face with candy?  Winning the game and getting a pretty little purse?  All the yummy food?  The dogs that she had fun playing with?  Or getting to hold the baby? She didn't even hesitate before she said, "holding the baby!"
Later that night I thanked Grace for coming with me to the party.  She said, "I love doing stuff with you. I'm always going to go places with you and do stuff with you 'cuz I love you.  I'll always be your buddy."

I hope so, my dear.  I really and truly hope so.


Anita said...

I'm happy for you, that you have a little girl, especially one who likes doing things with you.

Sometimes, I wonder how my husband feels because we have no boys; not too often though because 3 crumb snatching, attention wanting kids won't let us dwell on that! lol

Grace is adorable. May she always be your little girlie girl.

(I hope you get some summer heat!)

Dawn said... have such a little sweetie. Grace is adorable, and I understand that special bond. I absolutely love hanging out with my own Gracie. Daughters are special.

Bijoux said...

What a precious daughter you have! Glad you two got to spend some girlie time together.

Verna Lantz said...

Awwww! She is so precious! Enjoy this time with her, for she will be a teenager soon. Not that they are bad, but what a challenge! I remember the good old days when my daughter was young and sweet and thought I was the best thing ever. Now, she's 15, and let's just say she doesn't think that anymore. :)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

It's so sweet that you have that special time together.

ewe are here said...

It is lovely, isn't it. :)

Mom24 said...

Awww, so sweet. I'm glad you've got your little buddy. :)

Angie said...

Little girls are so special. I have two of my own. My oldest is 14 and trust me, they always need their mommy. They may grow older but they always have us in their hearts. She is my best friend. My youngest is a year and she's such a joy to my life. Of course I've got a little fella too and he's totally special in a whole different way. Kids are just what makes life so magical!

Glad you all had such great girl time!

Charmaine said...

:) only bitter here :)

Tabor said...

How absolutely perfectly sweet! Wish I could say my grandchildren had not tested me the last day of the visit!

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

What a special, perfectly girly day for you both.

(I never get the cousins of cousins thing. I actually looked up a diagram at one point and was even more confused).

Hilary said...

Another sweet post.

I had it explained to me once.. about how cousins are related. If one of your parents' siblings has children, they are your first cousins. That's the easy part.

Your own children would be their first cousins, once removed. The same if your first cousins have children.. they are your first cousins, once removed.

However your cousins' children and your own children are second cousins to one another.

When your first cousin has grandchildren, you'll have a first cousin, twice removed. And Grace (for example) would now have a second cousin, once removed. Once Grace has a child though, that third generation of your cousin's and your grandchild will be third cousins to one another.

Are you confused yet? Yeah, me too. ;)

Kat said...

Hilary- Actually that helped tremendously. Thank you!

Anita said...

Hilary and Kat, I had it explained to me years ago by a man who used forks on a coffee table as the people. I'm very visual, so I got it right away and was very grateful to finally learn it.

A few times, I have tried to tactfully explain it to others and could sense the rejection, so I let it go

Hilary, you did a marvelous job here; concise and precise. :)

Peruby said...

I used this chart and came up with what Hillary said. First cousin, twice removed.

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