Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tricks and Treats

We had a rockin time trick or treating, despite the cold weather and the crazy wind.  It started out slowly at 4:00 with very few porch lights on (I think most people were still at work), so we took advantage and visited the grandmas who were all too happy to give out some candy to their cute grandkids.  
Before you know it porch lights were on all over town and the Halloween pails were getting heavy.  Grace decided she'd had enough around 5:45 so daddy took Grace and Molly home while the boys and I stuck it out until the very last minute at 7:00.

The boys' buckets were so full that we had to pass up most of the houses on the last half mile home.  They were such troopers and so enthusiastic with their "trick or treat"s and so very polite with their "thank you"s.  I was a happy mama.

The last few blocks before our house were pitch black without any street lights and I pointed out The Big Dipper and the North Star.  The boys oohed and aahed and complained very little about their sore feet and heavy buckets.

Dinner was had, candy was eaten, showers were taken, and kids were tucked into bed.
Now Todd and I are kicking our feet up enjoying some Chinese Food and cocktails, watching Survivor.   Later I'm raiding some candy.

Man, I love Halloween.


Tabor said...

Ha Ha! Love that photo of Zorro's cape flying.

Hattie said...

Love their costumes! I've been raiding the boys candy every time I walk into the kitchen! Ha!!!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I like it, too. All the people out and about together, it's such a friendly time!

Elaine A. said...

Man, you go out early! But I guess it gets darker there earlier... Glad they all had fun and that you got to stay out with the boys. Love the pics!

Kat said...

Elaine- Is that early? I guess I never thought of it. All the areas around here are either from 5-7 or 4-7. What time does it start by you?

It used to be better when Halloween was after daylight savings time because then you would be trick or treating in the dark for almost the whole three hours. Now they moved daylight savings time to after Halloween and only the last hour and a half is dark. Still fun for the little kids though. :) said...

They look so cute and I am glad you had your little girl to share this with.. i mean boys are good too but there is always that special little princess some down the line.

Mom24 said...

It would be wonderful to have trick or treat so early! Ours is 6-8, I think yours makes much more sense!

Your kids look adorable and your night sounds very enviable!

Dawn said...

Cute! That sounds like a fun night. I think I ate too much of my son's candy.

Bijoux said...

I miss those days. I like the idea of an early start. Ours is always from 6 to 8 pm.

Annmarie Pipa said...

what fun costumes.
the kids love halloween too!!

Lindsay Y. said...

Wow - you guys have a very relaxing Halloween!! And does your city have a 7pm ending time?? My sister just told me that theirs does (IA) and she loves it! I wish ours did actually.

LOVE the front of your house, too - so fun!

ROBIN said...

Absolutely adorable! Kids are older now and no trick or treating, no costumes for us and I kinda miss it. But it's fun opening up the door and seeing all the trick or treaters and handing out candy! Glad you all had a great night....OH's always fun raiding their candy, right?

lime said...

very cute! our trick or treat night was delayed until tonite for obvious reasons ;)

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