Monday, July 16, 2012

A Glimpse Of Freedom

Grace finally got her cast off on Thursday.  After the doctor assured us that her bones healed perfectly he also warned us that it will take some time before Grace is up and running around again.  I had suspected that her joints and muscles would be stiff and sore for a while, but when doc said that it may be a couple of weeks before she is running around again I was a little taken aback.

Sure enough, Grace didn't even want to bend her knee much less put any pressure on her leg.  We took her home and soaked her in a nice long, warm bath.  Little by little she began moving the leg around.  I gave her a  little medicine before bed and the girl slept longer than she has in forever.  It must have felt heavenly to sleep in her bed without that huge cast.  

The next day she was bending her knee just fine but would SCREAM if I suggested she try standing or even move her foot around.  

Luckily, it was a super hot day, perfect for swimming.  I packed the kids up and took them to one of our favorite inland lakes.  The water was like bath water and the sand was super soft.  The boys took off with their new swim masks while Grace (who is normally a little fish) clung to me like a scared little monkey.  I got out her floatie ring, and though the first 10 minutes were torture, eventually she began to like it.    
She floated around for a while and let her body relax.  The next thing I knew she was asking to play.  I took her out of her ring, slipped it over her head, and for the remainder of the day she floated on her tummy kicking her legs, splashing, and having fun.  It was awesome.
On Saturday we went to a huge joint birthday/graduation party at my aunt and uncle's house.  We hadn't been there since my uncle passed away last year, but we could feel him every where.
I know uncle Larry was smiling down on us and loved watching the kids enjoy the ponds he had stocked with fish.  The only time the boys sat still was when they were eating lunch.  After that it was fishing and frog catching all day.  Because Grace still did not want to put any pressure on her leg she sat with the adults.  Luckily she has wonderful brothers and cousins who would bring her frogs to look at.  There were huge yellow and green frogs, and tiny little spotted frogs.
Grace decided the small frogs were cute enough to hold.
I think she had a pretty good time, even if she wasn't running around.

Today the weather is supposed to be around 100 degrees with very high humidity. Another wonderful day for swimming.  As soon as Grace wakes up I'll begin packing the cooler, grabbing the towels, lathering on the sunscreen, and getting everyone ready.  And maybe after another relaxing swim day Grace will be ready to stand on both of her legs and join me in a rain dance.


Allison said...

Glad she has it off, and I'm sure she'll be running around in no time...just takes some time!

Karen Deborah said...

Her leg is really sore and it feels very different with the cast off. Swimming is the perfect rehab. It's fine to take it slowly. When her leg stops feeling so strange she'll put her weight on it. Kids bounce back quicker than us. This is all normal. She needs a bit of time. So glad it mended fine!!!!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

I really want to spend a summer with you! LOL I Hope Grace is feeling back to her usual self very quickly!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

My niece broke her leg a few years ago and babied it forEVER afterwards--I think it was more in her head than in her body--but hopefully Grace's need to be in the middle of the fun will overcome her fear of stepping on her old injury and she'll build those muscles up again soon!

Jeni said...

Been there, done that but at a much, much older age than Gracie! When I was in my mid-40s, being the ever-so-graceful person I am inclined to be, I broke one tiny bone in my foot. Had a walking cast for 6 weeks, during which time I worked, was on my feet often for the full 8-10 hours, sometimes longer, that my workdays then lasted. I longed to get rid of that cast and return, I thought, immediately to wearing two shoes and walking, at the very least, right away. Wrong idea there! Each step felt like something was stabbing my right foot from the sole clear through to the top of my foot! And that lasted for at least a good six to eight weeks before I could step down fully without mega pain! She will work into this, in her own time and as her little body adjusts to the level of discomforture she experiences. And, she probably also has some inner fears and memory too of what caused the break and cast to begin with. But the swimming -oh my yes! Great exercise and helps to restore lots and lots, especially to small children!

Riahli said...

ahhhh, that makes me cringe just thinking about how much that must hurt for her! I hope and pray for a speedy recovery now that it is off, so that she can get back to her regular little self! Looks like you all are making the best of your super hot days, you could send a little of it our way, I wouldn't mind. ;)

Mom24 said...

I'm glad it's off! I hope soon she's back to her normal self. I know it can take a while.

Hilary said...

All those stiff, unused muscles take time to regain strength. Unmoved joints take a while to relax and move painlessly again. The humidity can't help, either. She'll get there soon enough. She's a brave little thing. :)

Wisconsin Girl said...

Glad to hear the cast is off and that all looks well! Hope recovery continues to go well! Swimming is perfect with the weather we've been having lately. I took the kids to the pool today and was just thinking that we needed to head to the beach or a lake soon. You guys are doing a great job of enjoying summer!

lime said...

swimming is likely a very excellent activity to ease her back into using her leg. the kicking and moving while not having to bear weight should be a terrific way to regain flexibility and strength.

Elaine A. said...

I'm sure she'll be back running around soon! And sometimes it's nice to just have things brought to you... ;)

She's so cute, Kat!

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

First of all, when did she stop being a baby and become a big girl?

Those are adorable pics, Kat.

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

Glad she's more comfortable and feeling better!

When N broke her leg, she was up on it in like 2 days!

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