Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Holiday Homes Tour 2011

Take a step outside and you'd never know that it is Christmas time.  The weather has been well over the normal 30 degrees, we've had rain instead of snow, and the only thing blanketing the ground is our green grass.  It is odd.  But I'm not complaining.  The boys have really been aching for some snow, but I'm okay with a green Christmas. 

Our strange weather outside may not get my boys in the mood for Christmas but I know the inside is definitely doing it's job.  We are decked out.

At the front door we have Christmas tree number one.  Yes, the one that made me bleed and sweat and cuss.  At least it looks nice now.
Every windowsill and ledge and shelf is bathed in Christmas.
Christmas cards are overflowing in the dining room.
Igloos made out of sugar cubes and marshmallows share counter space with snowmen.
Scented candles and cute cups mingle on the island.
Snowmen are plugging up every surface.
Christmas blankets for snuggling
 in front of Christmas tree number two.
 More snowmen and elves and the nativity are arranged on the shelves.
 Even the lamps are gussied up and surrounded by smiling snowmen.

Yes, the weather outside may have us fooled, but there is no mistaking it inside.  Christmas is right around the corner.

What does your house look like this time of year?  Join in on the Holiday Home Tour and let us take a peek!

(and in connection with You Capture- Festive!)


Riahli said...

Beautiful... I think I already sort of showed mine. :) We are getting a rainy Christmas here as well... we all want some snow as we haven't had a single flake yet this year so we are planning on taking a trip up the mountain on Christmas day... Usually we save that for New Years day but I think we are going to break with tradition this year, haha!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

It's so gorgeous! And TWO trees--gee whiz!
I know--no snow--and this is the year we got SNOWSHOES for the boys for Christmas. Pfft.
I bet your kids are getting pumped up.

Kristy said...

Your entrance is gorgeous! Wow! I love decorating for Christmas too. It is such a great time of year!

Jeni said...

Your house looks absolutely gorgeous! But how on earth do you manage to keep it all so neat and pretty what with four active children loose there? Do you tie them down and hide their toys while the house is all trimmed up? That's about the only way we'd ever be able to manage something only remotely like the scenes from your home! Time now to 'fess up on your next post how you do that! Peace and may your and your family have a wonderful and blessed Christmas!

Allison said...

I LOVE your tree shots....How do you get them so clear. I have tried to take pictures with the lights with my flash off and they DO NOT look like that!

Beautiful home!

Kat said...

Jeni- I have cleverly edited out floors and large amounts of counter space from the pics. I'm sneaky like that. ;)

Allison- These pics were actually taken in the morning so there was a bit more light. I usually have some light behind me (but not much). Most of my nonflash shots come out a bit blurry (especially if I have little ones in it) and I know some cameras are better than others without flash. I wish I knew how to use my camera properly. I'd probably get much better pics. :)

Krystyn said...

Your house looks great..and you captured the trees and lights so nicely!

Elaine A. said...

That tree in your entry way is just SO gorgeous! Love all your little touches. Such a cozy and festive home you have, Kat!

horizon said...

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Kate Dunkin said...

Great post! That is one of the more lovely holiday homes I have come across. Thank you for sharing this with us!

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