Sunday, August 29, 2010

This Is Not What I Planned

School starts on Wednesday. This was our last weekend to make summer count. Our plan was to head up north to the cabin on Thursday for a long weekend of fishing and swimming and bonfires with smores and rides on the pontoon boat. But then Ben was sick on Thursday and Grace was still recovering from her flu/cold so we stayed home. Friday rolled around and Ben was feeling much better and Grace was cheerful so we decided to take a chance and go to the cabin anyway. I tried to ignore the fact that my throat felt like a briar bush.

We got up to the cabin by early afternoon. Plenty of time to enjoy the warm day. Except my body was starting to ache. And Grace was looking pretty tired. Still, we all went for a boat ride and played in the yard and even made it to dinner. All was going swell. Until I started getting progressively achy with cold sweats and a pounding headache. Nevermind the fact that I could barely swallow. I was just thankful that it was me that was sick instead of one of the kiddos. If I could get a good nights sleep I'm sure I would be feeling fine the next day.

I went to bed as soon as I put Grace to bed. Regardless of the ibuprofen I'd taken I was still in agony. I slept fitfully for about two hours until Grace woke up crying. Loudly. For a long time. Finally, I dragged my sickly body out of bed, joints aching, body sweating, to retrieve the little whiner.

I'm not sure what woke her. Don't know why she couldn't get back to sleep. But an hour and a half later I was still walking her around the tiny bedroom, sweating and crying and praying for mercy. Yes, Todd tried to help, but I am the expert in this area you see, so I knew I had to handle this. Besides, Todd isn't very good at breastfeeding.

Finally I got her to sleep and retreated to my bedroom. Only to be shaken ten minutes later when I heard her wailing again. After another twenty minutes I went to her and tried to sleep on the big bed with her. Eventually, the little rascal calmed down and fell asleep but her waking every 45 minutes and rolling and kicking me every 10 minutes did not help me at all. No sleep was had.

The next day I was definitely feeling it. It must be a flu bug or something, but compounded with no sleep it was rough. Grace was not a happy camper. She was tired. And for reasons I still can't figure out she didn't want to sleep in her room. The very room she slept for 14 hours a day in just a few weeks ago.

I made the decision to take my MIL's car and drive Grace and myself the 3 hour drive back home so that we could be miserable without interrupting everyone else's fun, and in the comfort of our own house. It was a rough drive.

The day got a little better once we got home. Grace slept in her own crib for a while, giving us both a much needed break. I felt slightly better but by the evening I was a sweaty, achy, headachy mess again. I put Grace to bed and prayed she would give me a full nights rest. I took some more medicine and climbed in bed well before the nighttime news came on.

This morning I am feeling better. I am running at about 75%. I'll take it. Grace and I are awaiting Todd and the boys' return. I just wish I hadn't missed all the last weekend fun. *sigh*

Well, I have two days left to make it up to them. Oh! And the county fair is next weekend. That will be fun!

That is, if no one else gets sick.


Chrissy said...

Oh yuck! So sorry you missed out on a fun weekend. Being sick and still having to be mom really sucks. Hope you're feeling better soon!

Kelly said...

Sorry that your weekend was ruined. It sounds to me like your baby has an ear infection. Has her nose been runny at all? Go have it checked out. When they lie down it hurts so they wake up crying. Good luck getting better!

Dysfunctional Mom said...

What a bummer! I hope everyone is feeling well soon.

tweetey30 said...

It has to be something. Hubby and girls got sick about the same time.. it was horrible last weekend. We sat around the house bored as heck because he didnt feel well and i hate going out and about by myself.. i could have taken the girls to the park but just wanted to be close incase he wanted or needed me to cuddle with him.

Mom to 4 said...

That is so not fun! Hope you're feeling better by now and that it doesn't spread. Good vibes coming your way.

Kelly said...

You poor girl! That was such rotten timing. Maybe a good nights' sleep tonight will make a world of difference.

Dawn said...

Oh no! That sounds miserable. At least next weekend is a three day weekend. I hope you feel 100% better soon.

Rima said...

Oh, no! Here's hoping you feel better soon and no one else gets sick. There is some nasty weird summer bug going around, isn't there?

Jeni said...

This must have been the weekend for all kinds of illnesses and viruses to come calling! My problems began Thursday night when my computer took sick from a virus then Friday and Saturday, while the neighbor's son worked to restore my computer to life, I sat here bundled up in a heavy blanket and still shivering but also, with a lo-grade fever to boot. Thought the freezing stuff had finally left by around noon today as I was feeling pretty decent but then around 6 p.m., the chills returned! Took a nice dose of Excedrin to try to ward off whatever was upsetting my little applecart and right now, I am finally not freezing -again! Hope it last through the night and even better, all through tomorrow too!
Thankfully though, this was only me was was affected and both the grandkids are fine and dandy. Both crashed on the sofa and were asleep about 10 minutes after their Dad left them here tonight. Peace -and quiet restored till morning now.

Jill said...

Well that just plain stinks! What an awful weekend to be sick. Hope you're feeling better...

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

You don't have to make anything up to anyone! There will be other summers, other fun weekends, their minds are full of good memories! You need to REST! I've heard AWFUL stuff is going around--people are ending up in the hospital! TAKE CARE OF YOU!

Tonya said...

I hate when sickness changes our plans!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

How disappointing.
I hope you feel better soon!

Karen Deborah said...

maybe she has a briar bush in the back of her throat too? sorry ya'll felt so bad. smart to go home.

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