Monday, July 5, 2010

Soaking Up Summer

Todd has had off since Wednesday and until Monday of next week. The poor guy so looks forward to his vacation time, dreaming of relaxing and chilling out, but inevitably we always try and cram as much into every day as we possibly can. It is fun, but also not very relaxing. Still we have all been having a pretty good time soaking up summer.

The other day the boys asked me what an ice cream cone was. I felt like a horrible parent. That day I ran out to the store and got ice cream and cones. They all decided that they LOVED ice cream cones.
Especially ice cream cones eaten outside by the fire!
They like doing anything and everything outside. Even eating their cereal outside (in their underwear).
Todd and I love being outside too. And when the kids go to bed we have our own fun outside. I'm sure the kids suspected we would be having fun outside without them because they had a hard time making it up to bed. They had "dragging feet syndrome". Alas, we got them off to bed. Ahhhh. This is living.
But don't worry, the kids got time around the fire too. Plenty of roasting marshmallows until all the bellies were bloated and full.
After a full day of swimming the boys even got to sleep outside in a tent for the first time. It was very exciting. I was a bit jealous that I didn't get to sleep outside with them (I had to stay inside in the off chance that Grace would wake up at night) but after hearing that Todd only got about 2 hours of sleep (because of firecrackers going off and birds waking them up at 4 a.m.) I wasn't jealous anymore.
Lack of sleep and all we still made it to the parade.
And the fireworks too. It was a long day.
Towards the end the boys kept asking when the fireworks would be over so that they could go to bed. Poor littles.
Today we are off to the zoo. There is no rest for the weary.
Hope you had a wonderful 4th of July and are soaking up as much of summer as you can!


Jeni said...

Sounds like a really great fun-filled weekend and holiday for the kids -and even though it was a bit on the tiring side for you and Todd, I gather you both enjoyed it as much as the younger generation did! Thankfully, the weather has been beautiful and provided for the ideal 4th of July.

Allison said...

What a great weekend you guys had! Enjoy the rest of his vacation with more of that family time!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Fun fun fun!
I remember the days my kids would run around the yard in their underwear. How I miss that!
(Though if if happened now, someone might call the police. :))

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I love it when we can live more outside than inside.

Lindsay said...

Gah! I'm in love with your backyard!

And F.U.N. having daddy home for so long!

tweetey30 said...

We got rained on here in Green Bay so we stayed home until about 8 PM and then headed down town for the fireworks.. Going to post some video's of them tomorrow if I can get them to embed for me..

Hattie said...

Justin's off work too this week & we're doing the same and trying to pack this week full of activities! Ha! Love the backyard. I'm jealous. Looks like y'all had an awesome 4th of July!!!

Karen Deborah said...

WOW you really are celebrating! Take a little time for some rest. You yard looks so inviting. Amazing you have done so much so fast. Grace is growing up so FAST!

Dawn said...

I can see why you love your backyard so much! Enjoy the rest of your vacation. :)

Dysfunctional Mom said...

They didn't know what an ice cream cone was? That's so funny! I'm so glad you gave them that wonderful experience. =)
Looks like an awesome summer!

Hilary said...

What a gorgeous crew you have. I'm glad you're having a fun time. :)

Midwest Mom said...

Oh, they look so sleepy in the fireworks photo!

But, what a lovely patio you have. We keep making plans for some outdoor space like that, but never seem to get around to it.

Glad to know you're enjoying your summer -- ice cream cones and all!


- Julia at Midwest Moms

Jessa said...

You guys had an awesome weekend!

MamaB said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend! You made me realize I don't think Amelia has ever had an ice cream cone!!! I think I know what we are going to pick up at the store later. So glad your having a great summer. Pretty soon our littliest will be one...where did that time go?

Tonya said...

I know what you mean we try and cram as much as possible in Jeff's days off too. So glad you had fun together. Such great memories being created!!!

Elaine A. said...

Such a sweet, beautiful American family! Glad you had a great 4th. Enjoy the vacation time. :)

Tammy said...

Vacations like that are the best! Glad you had a great fourth of July weekend.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

What? Didn't know what an ice cream cone was? thank goodness you fixed THAT right away! Looks like you are making the most of July so far!

imbeingheldhostage said...

I came, I read and apparently didn't bother commenting. I've gotten really bad about that lately. I hope you had a GREAT weekend Kat!

painted maypole said...

looks like you've got summer DOWN. ;) nicely done.

Krystyn said...

If I had your backyard and temperatures..I'd be outside all the time!

Especially at night with just the hubby!

You guys had a great weekend!

April said...

I love how everyone except Grace looks exhausted in that last pic! LOL

lime said...

busy or not it sounds like it was a fun vacation.

Dani said...

My little man and I are definitely soaking up some summer!!!! He keeps me so busy I have no time for my blog anymore :( I have been working on an update for two weeks now and still haven't finished. I'm glad I stayed up way past my bedtime tonight to check blog land to see what's been going on! Looks like you and your family are doing great and having a blast!!!

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